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Our people: your trademark and patent attorneys

Novagraaf has a unique global network of specialists, enabling us to provide worldwide Intellectual Property advice. Highly qualified legal teams support all our experts, and our attorneys and staff receive continuous education within IP law, as well as general business development and training.

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If you want to know more about IP, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our patent or trademark attorneys. They’re interested in your challenges and are here to help. Let us introduce our team:


be Daphne Vervaet
be Frederik Jocqué
be Gabriel Perez
be Ilse Van Marcke
be Ingrid Mennens
be Pascaline Debois
be Sandrine Collin
be Stephanie Wuyts

fr Alexandra Di Maggio
fr Alexis Thiebaut
fr Anne-Catherine Schihin
fr Armelle Douhaire
fr Aurélie Guetin
fr Bérengère Egasse-Michaille
fr Carole Roger
fr Fabienne Maucarré
fr Florence Chapin
fr Laetitia Cardi
fr Laurence Riviere
fr Marianne Tissot
fr Marie Broudeur
fr Marie Ehret-Leclère
fr Marion Pignot
fr Olivier Boland
fr Pierre Coppin
fr Pierre De Boisse
fr Zhengnan Gong

nl Bart Schweitzer
nl Erik Straatman
nl Franc Enghardt
nl Gerard van Hulst
nl Hein-Piet van Boxel
nl Helma van de Langenberg
nl Henk-Jan Rutgers
nl Lianne van Boxel
nl Mariëlle Zwart-Hoffer
nl Marlou van de Braak
nl Matthias van den Broek
nl Monique Granneman
nl Njô-Goe (Jade) Sieh
nl Olga van Leeuwen
nl Paul Hoenderdos
nl Robin van Stipriaan
nl Theo Visser
nl Wendy Oskam
nl Willemijn Docter

uk Alastair Rawlence
uk Claire Jones
uk Michael Freeman
uk Nora Fowler
uk Vanessa Harrow

ch Anca Draganescu-Pinawin
ch Chantal Koller


Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

fr Adrien Metivet
fr Charles-Henri Bertaux
fr Eric Enderlin
fr Lise Pascual
fr Nadège Lagneau
fr Stéphanie Patarin

uk Oliver Harris
uk Peter Wilson

ch Nicole Pautex Schneider

Mechanics and Processes

fr Didier Laroche
fr Karim Gacem
fr Marie-Pierre de Lambilly
fr Truc-Linh Nguyen

uk Eric Siecker
uk Steve Finch

ch Cyrille Poindron
ch Stéphane Roux

Electronics and Physics

fr Bertrand Hays
fr Clémence de Masfrand
fr Emmanuelle Laude-Duval
fr Marc Bethenod
fr Samir Affari
fr Sylvain Chaffraix

uk Mark Suddaby

ch Philippe Vigand
ch Robert Balsters
ch Valérie Stephann