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Novagraaf enters pioneering partnership with Brand Finance


The Novagraaf Group, announced today that it had entered into a pioneering partnership with Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. The collaboration augments Brand Finance’s industry-leading League Tables by incorporating a robust trademark valuation methodology into the company’s brand valuation process.

IP has risen rapidly up the corporate agenda in recent years, with financial directors, company board members and shareholders all looking to their legal departments for strategic insight into the value of their IP assets. However, measuring the contribution made by intangible assets, such as trademarks, to brand strength, customer loyalty and corporate value has traditionally been a challenge for legal heads, with many unsure about how best to approach their valuation efforts.

A pioneering partnership
To provide legal and corporate heads with a clear and accurate assessment of IP value, Novagraaf and Brand Finance have entered into a unique industry partnership with the IP consultancy providing trademark value assessments for Brand Finance’s sector-leading League Tables.

Brand Finance is a market leader in brand valuations, publishing annual brand rankings by industry sector and country based on a robust royalty relief approach. The company’s methodology has been further bolstered by this new partnership, with the first set of League Tables incorporating Novagraaf’s trademark valuation data, the Banking 500 released today, 3 February. The Global 500 is set to follow on 19 February.

Brand Finance’s CEO and founder David Haigh explained: “The financial importance of intangible assets is recognised, but often misunderstood. Arguably the most valuable but least understood intangible assets are brands, so there is a pressing need for their value to be quantified reliably. The ISO 10668 global standard provides a consistent, reliable approach to brand valuation that emphasises transparency and objectivity. Valuers must take all relevant financial, behavioural and legal information into consideration. Brand Finance was one of the first companies in the world to be accredited to provide ISO 10668 compliant brand valuations. This year, Novagraaf has provided trademark audits for the top brands in the Brand Finance’s League tables, making them fully ISO compliant.”

Commenting on the important role played by trademark valuations, Novagraaf’s Managing Director Alexander Hagen added: “The ability to measure and understand the value of Intellectual Property is crucial to the economic success of any modern business. Properly maintained, trademark assets can be used by a business not only to protect and enforce its brand rights, but also to generate revenue through licensing, financing or as part of a merger or business sale.

Yet, many businesses still overlook the importance of obtaining and enforcing IP rights; in part, due to confusion around methods of valuation. Our partnership with Brand Finance has been designed to provide businesses with greater clarity in this area, via a robust and transparent valuation methodology and clear advice on how to identify and remedy the issues that may be undermining asset value.”

Understanding trademark value
Novagraaf’s trademark valuation methodology employs a four-stage process that looks at the extent to which a company’s core brands are strategically protected by trademark registrations in key markets and territories, as well as the comparable strength of those registrations. Analysis covers such factors as scope of coverage, effective use of trademark registration systems, ownership and portfolio consistency, with the results scored to provide a rating for the relevant company’s overall strategic approach to IP.

The scores are used to benchmark each company against standard industry practice to provide ratings data for Brand Finance’s top-level League Table Reports. Advice is also offered to enable companies to improve the effectiveness of their existing trademark practices, records and strategy.

About Novagraaf
Headquartered in the Netherlands, the Novagraaf Group has offices throughout Europe in Intellectual Property hotspots such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, London and Paris. One  of Europe’s leading IP consulting groups, Novagraaf specializes in the protection and global management of IP rights, such as trademarks, patents, domain names, designs and copyright, including identifying abuse and acting decisively on infringement. With more than 350 IP professionals across 14 offices, we can provide IP services on all strategic issues.

About Brand Finance
Brand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy, with offices in over 15 countries. Brand Finance provides clarity to marketers, brand owners and investors by quantifying the financial value of brands. Drawing on expertise in strategy, branding, market research, visual identity, finance, tax and intellectual property, Brand Finance helps clients make the right decisions to maximise brand and business value. For more information: