• IP Tools: Why are online tools important?

IP Tools: Why are online tools important?

We live in a time of almost constant change. Information is being rapidly exchanged and new (virtual) markets being created online. In this fast-moving environment, it is essential that you have the right tools for monitoring and managing your Intellectual Property.

The right tools provide vital insight

The rapid growth of the internet and the digital marketplace (such as online stores) has provided companies with great opportunities, but also major challenges – particularly where Intellectual Property is concerned.

Firstly, you need tools and advice that will provide you with help to guide you through the possibilities that are open to your organisation, such as devising a new company or brand, or investigating which domain names are available. For example: Are you free to register your company name as a domain name or has it already been registered? Are you free to use your selected brand name or is the name already in use? With Novagraaf’s tools and advice,you can quickly and easily see whether the brand or domain name you have chosen is still available.

But, there is also a clear need for greater insight - and more control – over what is being said about your company or brand online. For example: Who is using or misusing my brand names? When do my trademarks expire?

Would you like to know more about Novagraaf’s online tools?

Novagraaf offers a tailored solution to all of these questions. Our online tools will provide you with the information that you need to inform your future decisions, as well asgreater insight into the status of your Intellectual Property in general. If you have any questions about Novagraaf’s online tools, please feel free to contact one of our consultants. You can use the contact form on the top right of this page.

  • EasyIP

    Novagraaf’s EasyIP is a specialist web portal that helps businesses to manage their entire trademark portfolio.

    Service suitable for :  Niet MKB
  • IP2check

    IP2Check enables companies to quickly and easily consult trademark registries, giving them rapid insight into the availability of brand names.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Whois

    With Novagraaf’s Whois tool, you can perform a check on your desired domain name and gain insight into possible variants.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Website performance

    A complimentary tool that measures the performance of your website.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Domain extensions

    With the so-called Early Warning System Novagraaf you simply stay aware of the interesting for you and its extensions (expiration) date for registration.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • NovaTrack

    NovaTrack is an automated domain name monitoring tool that monitors URLs for suspicious activity, including trademark infringement

    Service suitable for :

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