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Different registration periods and opportunities 

Sunrise At a Sunrise period, which lasts at least 30 days, only trademark owners can register domain names that match their brands before the extension in question is available to the general public. The above marks must be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse ICANN, something Novagraaf can arrange for you.
Landrush The Landrush period (not mandatory) is the  time between the sunrise and the moment that anyone can register for the domain extension in question (open registration). In the Landrush period, registration is open to everyone, but  at a higher price than normal. There may also be additional requirements, such as "first come, first served 'or sale by auction.
Open registration With open registration, the 'first come, first served' principle applies. 

Early Warning System 

By subscribing to the Early Warning System Novagraaf you will receive an e-mail notifications about the extensions that become due for registration. You can specify whether you want to get at the beginning of a registration period and / or three days before the period ends. To subscribe, click on the word 'warnings' in the table below.

Explanation system 

  • Due date red: period ends within 1 day / Due date orange: period ends within 7 days / Due date green: period ends later;
  • In addition to sorting by the due date, you can make a selection by name;
  • For more information about the extension in question, click on the name;
  • Click on 'Notifications' if you wish to apply for the Early Warning System ;
  • You can later choose which notifications you're just interested (at the beginning or end of a registration period).