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EasyIP: an easy way to manage your IP online

No matter the organisation or its Intellectual Property portfolio, insight into IP spending and performance is vital. EasyIP is an online tool that will simplify the management of your Intellectual Property portfolio and offer around-the-clock analysis and insight – the kind of insight that your organisation needs to measure its efforts and, if necessary, make prompt adjustments.

To log into the EasyIP portal, please click here. Or copy in the address bar of you browser. You will need your log-in data (username and password) in order to access your information.

IP has significant value for organisations

Business managers have responsibilities that go far exceed financial control. These days, companies must ensure accountability when it comes to all aspects of conducting business: from financial performance to staffing and corporate social responsibility. There is also an increasing need for insight into your organisation’s most important possession – its Intellectual Property (IP).

Optimal management and insight with EasyIP

EasyIP is a web portal that enables businesses not only to manage their entire trademark portfolio, but also to outsource specific tasks and projects, such as the renewal of IP rights. The tool is designed for use by all organisations. Those that are aware of the important role that Intellectual Property rights play in their organisation and growth strategy will find that that the tool also facilitates communication in the field of IP and puts all the necessary management information (for IFRS and SOX) and expertise immediately at their disposal. With EasyIP, you will be able to fully concentrate on your IP strategy in the knowledge that your Intellectual Property, the driving force behind the growth of your company, is being effectively managed and protected.

Would you like to know more about EasyIP?

EasyIP provides easy access to and insight into your IP portfolio, and makes the management of trademarks and/or patents online exceptionally transparent. If you would like to know more about EasyIP or any of Novagraaf’s other IP tools (such as Whois), please get in touch with one of our consultants using the contact form at the top of this page.

EasyIP 4 Update


Here's what's new: - Added EasyIP Terms & Conditions - Portfolio: Fixed a bug where the loading screen would freeze after searching - Portfolio: Fixed a bug where the classes for a designated country (in an IR) weren't listed correctly - Portfolio: Added class listing for each designated country (instead of just designations with limited classes) - Excel export: Fixed bug where odd numbered..


EasyIP 4 Update


Here is what's new: - Added OAPI, ARIPO and other regional filing types under Type of Filing filter - Added the ability to request a change of address under Account settings > Contact Data - Added template selection when you export to Excel. The default template that you've been using in EasyIP is called 'Trademark registrations' - Added Excel template for Patents - Added separate World Map..


EasyIP 4 Update


Here is what's new: - Added 'Mails' section which allows you to send, receive and archive messages between you and your consultant - Added functionality to export all relevant results immediately from the Saved Filters option on the Dashboard - Added 'Show more...' link to Saved Filters section - Added search configuration (button next to search bar), to allow more control over the search and..