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News in the field of Intellectual Property

The ways in which we access and receive news these days have changed considerably. With the advent of social media, news items are not only visible sooner, but they’re also available to a much larger group. Information is shared more quickly to the extent that we’re often inundated with an unmanageable amount of information and news items. News items are also becoming more ‘superficial’ and, while we at Novagraaf regularly use Twitter, we do also believe in the need to understand the full picture and background behind today’s news stories. That’s why we work to keep you informed on all developments in the field of Intellectual Property, in general, and the background of the news, in particular.


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Counterfeiting: It’s time to step up the fight


It is important for all brands to have a robust anti-counterfeiting strategy as threats continue to grow. In advance of this year's INTA conference, we set out advice on measuring and tackling the trade in fakes.


Trademark event: Join us at INTA 2016 in Orlando


Visit us at booth #406 at this year's Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Orlando, Florida on 21-25 May.


You can coin a phrase – but can you coin a sound?


Video game super-company, Nintendo, has applied to trademark the two-tone coin-collecting sound in the ‘Mario’ series of games in Japan. The satisfying chime is synonymous within the franchise, yet also resonates across the brand as a whole, making it an extremely valuable commodity. But does the sound qualify for trademark protection?


Magnolia case demonstrates importance of protecting logos


Infringement in the fashion sector can cause major issues for businesses, with confusion between brands resulting in loss of revenue. Businesses need to keep their eyes open for infringers, and take action where necessary. A new case brought by fashion brand I Love Jewellery highlights the importance of protecting your brand logos.


UK finalises legislation to introduce the Unitary Patent and Court


The amends to the UK Patents Act to give effect to the Unitary Patent Agreement and EU legislation have now been published. The legislation takes the form of Statutory Instrument (2016 No. 388) and will come into force when the UPC Agreement comes into force. The exact implementation date is still to be confirmed.


International trademarks: Is the Madrid System right for you?


The Madrid System for the international registration of marks offers brand owners the opportunity to apply and maintain protection for trademarks in more than 90 countries via one single procedure, in one language and one set of fees. However, levels of protection can vary and the process is not without its shortfalls. Novagraaf’s Claire Jones explains how to make best use of the system.


Capturing value: IP as a driver for investment


Patents, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property (IP) play a key role in the success of all modern businesses. By providing a company with a legal means to prevent others from copying an invention, brand or product, IP rights enable inventors and creators to obtain a return on their investments in research and development, and to maximise the potential of their businesses,..


Hashtag trademarks: what can you protect?


Brands seeking to make the most of social media are increasingly filing trademark applications for hashtags related to their products and marketing campaigns. Novagraaf’s Claire Jones explains what’s registerable when it comes to social media hashtags.


Will you be affected by EU trademark reform?


Changes to the requirements and process for registering Community Trade Marks (to be known as European Union Trademarks, EU TMs, as of tomorrow, 23 March 2016) will impact many brand owners with trademark rights in the region. The first key deadline of which companies need to be aware relates to changes to class headings.


The perils and possibilities of trading under your own name


News that diminutive pop singer Kylie Minogue has opposed an attempt by reality TV star Kylie Jenner to trademark the name ‘Kylie’ highlights once again the challenges of using your own name as your business name.