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News in the field of Intellectual Property

The ways in which we access and receive news these days have changed considerably. With the advent of social media, news items are not only visible sooner, but they’re also available to a much larger group. Information is shared more quickly to the extent that we’re often inundated with an unmanageable amount of information and news items. News items are also becoming more ‘superficial’ and, while we at Novagraaf regularly use Twitter, we do also believe in the need to understand the full picture and background behind today’s news stories. That’s why we work to keep you informed on all developments in the field of Intellectual Property, in general, and the background of the news, in particular.


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Wubbo de Boer


It is with great sadness that we announce that Wubbo de Boer, until recently Chairman of Novagraaf’s Supervisory Board, has passed away. A well-respected figure in the IP industry, Wubbo was President of EUIPO from 2000 to 2010, and member of Novagraaf's Supervisory Board from 2011 until the beginning of this year.


#Trademark event: Join us at MarkMonitor’s Spring Symposium


Novagraaf’s Claire Jones will be talking #trademarks at MarkMonitor’s Spring Symposium at The Institute of Engineering & Technology, London on 3 May.


Trademark event: Join us at INTA 2017 in Barcelona


Visit us at booth #A85 at this year's Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Barcelona, Spain on 20-24 May.


One Does Not Simply Post memes without reviewing the IP issues


An internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the internet. Whether a photo, video, person, animal, song, action, GIF or anything else, memes are appearing everywhere, and with the strength of social media growing exponentially over the past decade, they’ve become a bit of a phenomenon. Novagraaf’s Claire..


Comparing APPLE(s) to pears, in EU trademark law


Owners of EU trademarks (EU TMs) 'with reputation’ can claim a broader scope of protection than owners of EU TMs without reputation. The recent opposition procedures by ‘APPLE’ against the application of two word/device trademarks with the word element ‘Pear’, as well as the graphic representation of a pear, provide insight into what this broader scope of protection entails...


Time for a spring clean of your IP portfolio?


Most of us approach the Easter break with resolutions to spring clean our homes, sort out our gardens or otherwise declutter our lives, and our working lives are not much different. Busy desks and inboxes, meetings and to-do lists; it's no wonder that we often leave the 'big' projects for quieter times.


Forever faster, and the challenge of protecting slogans as trademarks


Slogans, products phrases and other types of taglines can help companies to build brand identity; however, applications to protect them as trademarks are not always successful, as evidenced by a recent decision by the General Court of the European Union. It found that the slogan FOREVER FASTER is not sufficiently distinctive to serve as a trademark for sportswear and sports equipment...


Sunrise period for .Africa TLD opens today


The new top-level domain could provide companies that operate in the continent with a unique new marketing channel. However, with the volume of new domain name extensions being launched, it can be a challenge for brand owners to identify those gTLDs that warrant registrations, those that may need to be monitored for infringement, and those that they can safely ignore. Novagraaf provides a..


Preparing for an IPO? Don’t overlook your IP assets


IP isn’t always the first priority for a business preparing for an initial public offering (IPO); however, the sooner you start thinking about your IP assets, the better prepared you’ll be, says Alastair Rawlence.


IP transfers: potential pitfalls and problems to solve


The quality of IP record management will tend to come front of centre during the transfer of a portfolio. As part of our series setting out best practice for the transfer of IP ownership, Novagraaf’s Tom Farrand looks at potential issue and problems to solve during portfolio take-overs.