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News in the field of Intellectual Property

The ways in which we access and receive news these days have changed considerably. With the advent of social media, news items are not only visible sooner, but they’re also available to a much larger group. Information is shared more quickly to the extent that we’re often inundated with an unmanageable amount of information and news items. News items are also becoming more ‘superficial’ and, while we at Novagraaf regularly use Twitter, we do also believe in the need to understand the full picture and background behind today’s news stories. That’s why we work to keep you informed on all developments in the field of Intellectual Property, in general, and the background of the news, in particular.


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Art and copyright: The IP behind the tattoo craze


When it comes to celebrity tattoos, the story is always who's got one and where – but what about the artist who created the design? Alastair Rawlence redresses the balance.


Brand Finance Global Forum: The value of brand leadership


‘Brands are some of the most valuable assets that companies and other organisations possess and exceptional leadership is also required to deliver maximum returns to a business.’ That was the topic of the Brand Finance Global Forum 2016 in London on 5 February, at which Novagraaf was a sponsor and panel moderator.


When music copyright gets political


Pop megastar Adele’s efforts to distance herself from US Republican candidate Donald Trump, after he used her music at his rallies, brings up once again the thorny issue of music copyright permission. Adele is not the first to object to the use of her music during a political campaign; for every Noel Gallagher who is happy to shout his endorsements from the rooftops, there’s a disgruntled..


Battle of the Havana rums


Pernod Ricard and Bacardi tussle over Havana Club trademark continues as US Office of Foreign Assets Control approves renewal of disputed mark.


UK IPO takes on patent and trademark renewal scammers


The UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has successfully taken action against a company trading as Intellectual Property Agency Limited (IPAL), which was writing to patent and trademark owners as if representing the UK IPO, reminding registrants of the need to renew their rights and requesting a fee.


Is Moschino’s graffiti dress plagiarism?


Graffiti and, more broadly, street art has traditionally been considered more of a nuisance than an art form. But, while the circumstances of its creation may be legally ambiguous, graffiti has undoubted creative and monetary value. Does that mean it qualifies for IP protection, asks Novagraaf’s Theo Visser.


Understanding the value of brand leadership


Maximising brand value is crucial for all organisations, and we believe that it’s important for brand leaders to come together to share best practice and techniques for maximising return on brand investment. That’s why we are proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 Brand Finance Global Forum: Understanding the Value of Brand Leadership.


Brand protection in football


From team strips to computer games, football clubs understand how to drive revenue from trademark protection, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see trademark-related football stories in the news.


KitKat shape not eligible for trademark protection


Nestlé fails in its battle to protect the shape of its KitKat bar as a trademark, after High Court of England and Wales rules that the chocolate bar has failed to acquire distinctiveness through use. Novagraaf’s Claire Jones outlines the implications for brand owners.


Time for an IP detox?


The new year is generally a good time to step back and assess whether the IP rights in your portfolio are adding value to your business, but where should you begin?