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News in the field of Intellectual Property

The ways in which we access and receive news these days have changed considerably. With the advent of social media, news items are not only visible sooner, but they’re also available to a much larger group. Information is shared more quickly to the extent that we’re often inundated with an unmanageable amount of information and news items. News items are also becoming more ‘superficial’ and, while we at Novagraaf regularly use Twitter, we do also believe in the need to understand the full picture and background behind today’s news stories. That’s why we work to keep you informed on all developments in the field of Intellectual Property, in general, and the background of the news, in particular.


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Law-abiding outlaws: The Hells Angels approach to trademark rights


The US Department of Justice considers the Hells Angels to be an organised criminal syndicate but, as Magdalena Borucka and Alastair Rawlence discover, the motorcycle club is pretty astute when it comes to staying on the right side of IP law.


Has the Premier League scored an own goal?


News that the Football Association Premier League Ltd (FAPL) is set to clamp down on Vine videos of goals for infringing copyright laws, has sparked an unexpected debate about the Premier League's approach to IP protection, says Novagraaf UK's Magdalena Borucka


But first, let me take a selfie


Self-portrait photographs are now such a part of popular culture that the word “selfie” was added to the revised version of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary this month. Selfies have also created a very grey area in respect of copyright ownership, says Novagraaf UK’s Magdalena Borucka.


Getting your IP in order: preparing for an IPO


Alastair Rawlence kicks off a series of articles setting out advice for organisations looking to consolidate their IP portfolios and to align their IP with their business strategies


Summer break 2014


It’s time for the Novagraaf Group’s newsletter team to take a short summer break. We’ll be back online with our next e-zine on 16 September.


Managing IP as part of M&A


A well-maintained IP portfolio and, just as importantly, a well-maintained record of the IP portfolio can add significant value to a company as well as making it an attractive proposition. From a buyer’s perspective it can make the transition from buyer to owner a smoother ride. Novagraaf’s Helene Whelbourn outlines the process


Novagraaf are a first for Norwich Research Park's new hub building


Increase in entrepreneurial activity at the Park attracted patent attorneys, who expertly combine local knowledge with global connections


Valideus and Novagraaf validate .vlaanderen/.brussels applications


Valideus and Novagraaf have been engaged by DNS Belgium to validate applications for .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names during the second phase of launch. This phase runs from 2 October to 3 November 2014.


Capturing the intangible


Most businesses know that trademarks are valuable assets; the challenge comes in quantifying that value and using it as a springboard for growth. Trademark valuations supported by regular IP auditing could be the answer, as Novagraaf's Alexander Hagen explains.


Innovation capacity and the renewable energy sector


The UK energy sector is facing unprecedented changes across its business environment. The government target for 15% of UK energy consumption to come from renewable sources by 2020 is one such change, leading to an estimated £29.8bn of investment in the renewables sector during 2010-2013, primarily in renewable energy.