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Industry Bulletin

IP legislation and practice is a fast-moving field. Regulatory, legislative and/or process changes can occur on a regular basis in numerous countries and IP offices around the world. To help keep our clients informed about some of these important changes, we are issuing a series of Industry Bulletins, showcasing topics of interest that we think will be of use to you. For the latest Industry Bulletins, see below.

UK plans to ratify UPC agreement despite Brexit


The UK government announced plans yesterday (28 November) to ratify the Unified Patent Court (UPC) agreement and set up a divisional court in London despite fears Brexit would halt negotiations.


Brexit – the uncertainty continues


The AIPPI conference in Milan earlier this month added a last-minute session on Brexit following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. The room was packed for the discussion, but what did the panellists think would be the IP implications of the historical vote?


Should the UK IPO have allowed the Specsavers’ ‘should’ve’ trademark?


News that the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) had approved the application by British optician Specsavers to trademark the words ‘should’ve’ and ‘shouldve’ raised eyebrows in the British media last week. Will the surprise decision open the door for other common terms to be registered as trademarks?


Access to this website has been denied


On 6 July 2016, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales upheld a 2014 ruling on online blocking injunctions that requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to websites offering counterfeit products and infringing trademarks. This could prove to be an important new tool for brand owners seeking to protect trademarks from online infringement, as Novagraaf’s Nora Fowler explains.


Brexit – what does it mean for your IP rights?


It was predicted to be a close result, yet the British public's vote to 'Brexit' the European Union in yesterday's referendum will still have come as an unwelcome shock to many. It has also led to considerable uncertainty. This will be the first time that a significant member of the EU has left, and there is no detailed mechanism in place yet to structure that exit. What will it mean for IP..


EU referendum: What does a Brexit vote mean for trademark rights?


Following our update on the possible impact on a business’s patent rights after the UK voted to leave the EU in yesterday's referendum, we look at the implications of 'Brexit' for trademark and design portfolios.


EU referendum: What does a Brexit vote mean for your patent rights?


Britain's self-ejection from Europe in yesterday's referendum will have long-term implications for businesses across the region. We look at the potential effects of the Brexit vote on a company’s European patent rights. (Click here for our update on trademarks)


UK IPO releases guidance on registering designs post-Trunki


The UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) published guidance this month on filing registered designs in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on the Trunki suitcase. That judgement had raised a number of important issues, some of which relate specifically to filing practices.


Counterfeiting: It’s time to step up the fight


It is important for all brands to have a robust anti-counterfeiting strategy as threats continue to grow. In advance of this year's INTA conference, we set out advice on measuring and tackling the trade in fakes.


UK finalises legislation to introduce the Unitary Patent and Court


The amends to the UK Patents Act to give effect to the Unitary Patent Agreement and EU legislation have now been published. The legislation takes the form of Statutory Instrument (2016 No. 388) and will come into force when the UPC Agreement comes into force. The exact implementation date is still to be confirmed.