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News about copyright

Numerous books are written, countless pictures taken and large amounts of new music and pieces of art are created every day. But, alongside that creativity comes the risk of copyright infringement. These days, it's simple to download music or films from the internet without the creator of that work's knowledge or approval. Similarly, books, photographs and works of art are routinely (and illegally) being copied and distributed. That’s why copyright issues are in the news so frequently. You can follow all the developments in this area in our copyright news.

Fusing corporate brands: the IP implications of growth through M&A


Where businesses merge with or acquire other businesses, the challenge for IP professionals is not always as simple as ensuring a transfer of the associated rights – there is also the question of combined or conflicting brands.


IP and business potential


Patents, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property (IP) play a key role in the success of all modern businesses. By providing a company with a legal means to prevent others from copying an invention, brand or product, IP rights enable inventors and creators to obtain a return on their investments in research and development, and to maximise the potential of their businesses,..


Wubbo de Boer


It is with great sadness that we announce that Wubbo de Boer, until recently Chairman of Novagraaf’s Supervisory Board, has passed away. A well-respected figure in the IP industry, Wubbo was President of EUIPO from 2000 to 2010, and member of Novagraaf's Supervisory Board from 2011 until the beginning of this year.


Forever faster, and the challenge of protecting slogans as trademarks


Slogans, products phrases and other types of taglines can help companies to build brand identity; however, applications to protect them as trademarks are not always successful, as evidenced by a recent decision by the General Court of the European Union. It found that the slogan FOREVER FASTER is not sufficiently distinctive to serve as a trademark for sportswear and sports equipment...


Preparing for an IPO? Don’t overlook your IP assets


IP isn’t always the first priority for a business preparing for an initial public offering (IPO); however, the sooner you start thinking about your IP assets, the better prepared you’ll be, says Alastair Rawlence.


Paul McCartney reclaims copyright of The Beatles’ most famous songs


Former Beatle Paul McCartney has recently filed a lawsuit against music publisher Sony/ATV in an effort to regain his copyright ownership on some of The Beatles’ most famous songs, including ‘Love Me Do’, ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, ‘Let It Be’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’. The songs in question were mainly written by John Lennon and McCartney himself.


Are your IP contracts in order?


Contracts are part and parcel of business activity, and that’s also true for contracts relating to IP rights. Confidentiality agreements, licence agreements, merger or acquisition, sale or divestment, employee-inventor remuneration agreements… these are just some of the types of contracts that touch on a company’s IP portfolio. However, some contracts are more common than others. We round..


A troll in the marvelous realm of intellectual property


Intellectual property is well known for ‘patent trolls’, entities whose business model is to litigiously exploit the patent system for profit. Some such trolls also target trademarks and brands, although they are less prevalent in the sector. However, there is another type of troll that has made a big impact on the IP world, as Novagraaf’s Anca Draganescu-Pinawi explains.


Paragon Partners invests in future growth of IP provider Novagraaf


Novagraaf announced today its collaboration with Paragon Partners, a Munich-based private equity company that is investing into Novagraaf by taking a majority stake from current investor Gilde Buy Out Partners. This investment represents a major endorsement of Novagraaf’s plans to grow its business by investing further into its people, services and technologies, while meeting the changing..


The answers to the 2016 Novagraaf Holiday Puzzle revealed!


We received 250 entries to Novagraaf’s 2016 Holiday Puzzle. 85% of all entries matched the figure to the correct brand name, and a lucky winner has been drawn at random.