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News about copyright

Numerous books are written, countless pictures taken and large amounts of new music and pieces of art are created every day. But, alongside that creativity comes the risk of copyright infringement. These days, it's simple to download music or films from the internet without the creator of that work's knowledge or approval. Similarly, books, photographs and works of art are routinely (and illegally) being copied and distributed. That’s why copyright issues are in the news so frequently. You can follow all the developments in this area in our copyright news.

When music copyright gets political


Pop megastar Adele’s efforts to distance herself from US Republican candidate Donald Trump, after he used her music at his rallies, brings up once again the thorny issue of music copyright permission. Adele is not the first to object to the use of her music during a political campaign; for every Noel Gallagher who is happy to shout his endorsements from the rooftops, there’s a disgruntled..


IP and business potential


Patents, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property (IP) play a key role in the success of all modern businesses. By providing a company with a legal means to prevent others from copying an invention, brand or product, IP rights enable inventors and creators to obtain a return on their investments in research and development, and to maximise the potential of their businesses,..


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Don’t get into a fight with the Rugby World Cup 2015 organisers


The Rugby World Cup is among the top 10 largest sporting events in the world. The tournament is organised every four years and, this year, will be hosted by the UK from 18 September to 1 November. On previous form, it is likely that the Rugby World Cup organisation act will be as strict as FIFA and the International Olympic Committee when it comes to protecting its brands, sponsors and,..


Are your IP contracts in order?


Contracts are part and parcel of business activity, and that’s also true for contracts relating to IP rights. Confidentiality agreements, licence agreements, merger or acquisition, sale or divestment, employee-inventor remuneration agreements… these are just some of the types of contracts that touch on a company’s IP portfolio. However, some contracts are more common than others...


Tintin in court, but who owns the copyright?


For many years, Moulinsart (also known in English as the Hergé Foundation) has zealously guarded the image of Hergé’s most famous creation, Tintin. Whenever Tintin has appeared without prior authorisation, the company has been quick to act and, by and large, it has been successful. However, an incident involving a Dutch fan club and a never-before-seen 73-year-old document may change that,..


Fighting fraud in the IP sector: progress at last?


IP holders are being targeted by companies masquerading as (fake) IP registries, directories and renewals organisations (see our story: Beware false registries targeting IP owners). These companies attempt to dupe IP owners into paying unnecessary or higher fees for the registration or renewal of their IP rights. However, despite the misleading nature of these practices, the authorities have..


What do our customers say about us?


At the end of 2014, Novagraaf conducted a customer satisfaction survey from its main offices in all five European countries. Novagraaf received an average customer satisfaction score of 8.3 out of 10. A good result and an even better one than we received when we last undertook the survey in 2012. Respondents told us that they consider Novagraaf to be a reliable organisation, customer-oriented..


IP in the news: high stakes in the music industry


From the Blurred Lines copyright dispute to the Kraftwerk trademark, it seems that hardly a week goes by without another music IP case hitting the headlines.


An Innocent claim to the Dude!


A series of decisions at OHIM and the UK High Court has ruled on the legal and equitable ownership of copyright in the Innocent Dude Logo. Novagraaf’s Vanessa Harrow outlines the dispute so far.