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News about copyright

Numerous books are written, countless pictures taken and large amounts of new music and pieces of art are created every day. But, alongside that creativity comes the risk of copyright infringement. These days, it's simple to download music or films from the internet without the creator of that work's knowledge or approval. Similarly, books, photographs and works of art are routinely (and illegally) being copied and distributed. That’s why copyright issues are in the news so frequently. You can follow all the developments in this area in our copyright news.

Hyperlinking and copyright infringement


A recent Playboy spread featuring a Dutch reality TV star has not only made the hearts of Playboy-readers beat faster, it has also piqued the interest of European copyright professionals.


IP transactions: Managing unregistered or associated IP rights


Few IP ownership transfers solely concern registered IP rights. Unregistered rights and other forms of intangible assets also play a crucial role in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and other forms of IP transactions. We set out the process for managing the transfer of such rights.


Blurred lines: Yet another chapter in the Gaye plagiarism saga


It’s the copyright dispute that just won’t seem to go away: Singer Robin Thicke and producer Pharrell Williams are to appeal the ruling which found them guilty of infringing a work by Marvin Gaye. Meanwhile, a co-copyright owner of another Gaye work is also claiming that singer songwriter Ed Sheeran plagiarised (parts of) Let’s Get it On (1973).


IP transactions: Recording a change of ownership


In the first part of our in-depth look at the IP assignment process, we set out best practice advice and procedures for smoothing the transition from sales agreement to completion. This time, Novagraaf’s Tom Farrand sets out recommended preparations for recording the change of ownership of registered rights.


Tattoos and IP: Who owns the ink in a person’s skin?


News that video game producer 2K Sports has secured a partial victory in the dispute over who owns Kobe Bryant and other NBA players’ tattoos has once again brought the world’s attention to the thorny issue of tattoo design and copyright ownership.


IP ownership transfers: Getting your IP rights in order


Intangible assets typically make up more than 50% of the value of a modern business. In some sectors (for example, pharmaceuticals), that percentage is much higher. In general, IP forms the greater part of these assets; it is hardly surprising that purchasers of businesses and their assets should pay careful attention to the process of perfecting ownership of IP rights.


Led Zeppelin cleared in copyright dispute over ‘Stairway to Heaven’


Jury in Los Angeles decides that the opening guitar riff of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was not copied from the Spirit track.


EU to introduce new regime to protect trade secrets


New legislation represents an attempt to harmonise approach to protecting trade secrets across Europe.


Spoiler alert: the copyright battle following Game of Thrones


Few can be unaware of the TV phenomenon Game of Thrones. Inevitably, however, with great success also comes the threat of copyright theft; the series now has the dubious title of being the most pirated TV series ever. In an effort to keep the series exciting (for its paying customers), TV network producer HBO is also working to block the YouTube videos of the so-called ‘Spanish Spoiler’ -..


Capturing value: IP as a driver for investment


Patents, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property (IP) play a key role in the success of all modern businesses. By providing a company with a legal means to prevent others from copying an invention, brand or product, IP rights enable inventors and creators to obtain a return on their investments in research and development, and to maximise the potential of their businesses,..