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News about Google AdWords

The use of Google AdWords is a highly contentious topic and one in which the law is constantly evolving. In its most basic form, Google AdWords is a paid-for referencing service, which enables companies to appear in the ‘sponsored link’ section of a search results page when a consumer types one of their selected ‘keywords’ into Google Search. The issue for brand owners, however, is that in many jurisdictions (notably, the UK, Europe and the US), companies using Google AdWords can select trademarks as their ‘keywords’ – and not only their own trademarks, but also those of their competitors. We set out below all the recent news and developments in this area.

Wubbo de Boer


It is with great sadness that we announce that Wubbo de Boer, until recently Chairman of Novagraaf’s Supervisory Board, has passed away. A well-respected figure in the IP industry, Wubbo was President of EUIPO from 2000 to 2010, and member of Novagraaf's Supervisory Board from 2011 until the beginning of this year.


Paragon Partners invests in future growth of IP provider Novagraaf


Novagraaf announced today its collaboration with Paragon Partners, a Munich-based private equity company that is investing into Novagraaf by taking a majority stake from current investor Gilde Buy Out Partners. This investment represents a major endorsement of Novagraaf’s plans to grow its business by investing further into its people, services and technologies, while meeting the changing..


The answers to the 2016 Novagraaf Holiday Puzzle revealed!


We received 250 entries to Novagraaf’s 2016 Holiday Puzzle. 85% of all entries matched the figure to the correct brand name, and a lucky winner has been drawn at random.


The Novagraaf Holiday Puzzle 2016 – enter to win a Fuji Instax camera!


Here at Novagraaf, we love an IP puzzle, so to celebrate the holiday season, we’ve put together another of our annual trademark teasers. This year, all you need to do is match the figure to the brand name. Get them all right and you’ll be in with a chance to win this year’s prize: a Fuji Instax Mini 90 camera.


Putting Google Adwords back on the trademark agenda?


The recent judgement in Victoria Plum Limited v Victorian Plumbing Ltd has once again raised the use of trademarks in keyword advertising. But, has it made the issue any clearer?


What do our customers say about us?


At the end of 2014, Novagraaf conducted a customer satisfaction survey from its main offices in all five European countries. Novagraaf received an average customer satisfaction score of 8.3 out of 10. A good result and an even better one than we received when we last undertook the survey in 2012. Respondents told us that they consider Novagraaf to be a reliable organisation, customer-oriented..


Interflora v M&S: the dispute continues


On 5 November 2014, the Court of Appeal ruled on the ongoing dispute between florist Interflora and high-street retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S). The decision follows previous rulings by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in September 2011 and the High Court of England and Wales in May 2013. The High Court had ruled that M&S had infringed the florist’s trademark rights by registering..


First Google AdWords-ruling in New Zealand


In its first judgment on Google Adwords, the New Zealand High Court in Auckland held that Nakedbus deliberately infringed InterCity’s registered trademark INTERCITY by using “INTER” and “CITY” for Google AdWords. According to the High Court, Nakedbus engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by using INTERCITY for its own services on the Google search engine.


Google Adwords and pharma ads in Germany


In the German Advertising in the Health Care System Act, is it stated that advertisements for pharmaceutical products outside professional circles must contain certain mandatory information in the form of a warning. Until recently, it was not quite clear as to how this particular rule relates to Google Adword advertisements; if the mandatory information needs to be placed in the ad, this would..


Round one to Lush in Adword dispute with Amazon


Cosmetic company Lush takes first hit in battle with global e-tailing giant Amazon over use of its name in Google AdWord campaigns. Dispute goes to the heart of legal uncertainty over use of trademarks in sponsored advertising.