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News about patents

New products and ideas are born every day. Technology is developing very fast in all sectors. Look at the rapid developments in the market for mobile phone devices or at the advances in the field of healthcare, for example, or the enormous investments and developments in biotechnology and the new focus on sustainability in the motor industry. Not only are these interesting developments to follow, but also they are increasingly being accompanied by a discussion about the ownership of patents in general. These are all things that concern us and which we would like to share with you. For the latest news stories, see below.

Late requests allowed in EP appeal proceedings; conditions apply


In its Decision T 1311/13 of 17 January 2018 (re: EP 1 224 299), the EPO’s Board of Appeal has provided clarification as to late-filed requests in appeal proceedings. Novagraaf’s Charles-Henri Bertaux explains the implications.


Best practices in IP management: a strategy for China


The production and trade of counterfeit goods in and from the People’s Republic of China is the thorn in the side of many well-known brands, but it’s not only the global giants that are affected. From rip-offs of fashion and beauty products to fake spirits and medicine, nearly every business could be impacted; particularly, those that manufacture their goods in the country. What should they..


Crocs' EU design revoked: What a Croc up!


Love them or hate them, Crocs footwear has been popular since its launch in 2002 with a number of celebrity endorsements. For six consecutive years, the brand generated more than $1 billion in sales, selling 50 million pairs a year. When Prince George was photographed wearing them in 2015, sales on Amazon were said to have soared by 1,500%. Recently, the company has experienced another..


Raising the bar for IP technology: Novagraaf acquires NovumIP


IP specialist Novagraaf announced today that it has acquired the NovumIP software solution from Fusion Experience. The acquisition is an important milestone in Novagraaf’s strategic drive to provide market-leading and technology-enabled IP services to clients.


Can you protect dosage regimes in France?


The judgment of the Court of Cassation of 6 December 2017, in the case between TEVA and MERCK (patent owner), is the outcome of a long and complex affair concerning the nullity of the French part of the European Patent (EP) n°0724444 describing a dosage regime.


The duration of your SPCs may potentially be extended


Important notice: The duration of your Supplemental Protection Certificates may potentially be extended by a few days. The decision in Case C-492/16 Incyte Corporation follows a reference for a preliminary ruling on the interpretation of Regulation (EC) article No 469/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009, concerning appeals before the national courts in the framework..


Perspectives: Taking the broader view


Download the latest issue of our industry magazine Perspectives to read our interview with Professor Daryl Lim, keynote speaker at ‘An Evening at the Embassy’, an event held by Novagraaf in Washington, DC on 25 January.


New year’s resolutions: give your IP portfolio a fresh start


Most of us finish the last year feeling bogged down by the work we didn’t get around to. Fortunately, the new year offers a fresh start and the perfect time to set achievable goals. Why not start with an audit of your IP portfolio, so you can plan your maintenance, growth/consolidation and exploitation projects for the months ahead.


A model for IP management success: outsourced, in-house or hybrid?


In the second of our new series of articles on IP management best practice, Novagraaf’s Chantal Koller looks at the steps that need to be taken to implement and manage a corporate trademark strategy, and the pros and cons of the differing IP management models available.


It’s time to take a new look at IP management


Download the latest issue of Perspectives, Novagraaf’s journal of IP management, for commentary and insight on IP law and practice, recent case law and emerging trends.