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News about patents

New products and ideas are born every day. Technology is developing very fast in all sectors. Look at the rapid developments in the market for mobile phone devices or at the advances in the field of healthcare, for example, or the enormous investments and developments in biotechnology and the new focus on sustainability in the motor industry. Not only are these interesting developments to follow, but also they are increasingly being accompanied by a discussion about the ownership of patents in general. These are all things that concern us and which we would like to share with you. For the latest news stories, see below.

New year’s resolutions: give your IP portfolio a fresh start


Most of us finish the last year feeling bogged down by the work we didn’t get around to. Fortunately, the new year offers a fresh start and the perfect time to set achievable goals. Why not start with an audit of your IP portfolio, so you can plan your maintenance, growth/consolidation and exploitation projects for the months ahead.


A model for IP management success: outsourced, in-house or hybrid?


In the second of our new series of articles on IP management best practice, Novagraaf’s Chantal Koller looks at the steps that need to be taken to implement and manage a corporate trademark strategy, and the pros and cons of the differing IP management models available.


It’s time to take a new look at IP management


Download the latest issue of Perspectives, Novagraaf’s journal of IP management, for commentary and insight on IP law and practice, recent case law and emerging trends.


Unitary Patent implementation date continues to slip


First Brexit, then the UK and German general elections and now a case pending in the German Federal Constitutional Court have delayed the implementation date of the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC). Is this Europe-wide right ever going to come into being?


How do you capture innovation?


The research and development (R&D) process can require considerable investment in both time and money. But, in the rush to market, it can be difficult for R&D teams to identify those innovations that are of most value for protection as patents. Novagraaf’s Philippe Vigand introduces a new service that could assist: IP Capture.


Mitsui and Novagraaf establish Strategic Alliance


Mitsui & Co Ltd. (‘’Mitsui’’) and European intellectual property (IP) group Novagraaf BV have established a partnership to offer greater choice to Japanese customers. The agreement, which includes an investment by Mitsui in Novagraaf, will support Novagraaf’s strategy to transform the way IP owners in Japan protect and create value from their IP assets.


Visit us at this year's IPBC Asia in Tokyo on 29-31 October 2017


The IPBC Asia is a three-day event that features senior players in the global IP market addressing how IP owners can strategically use IP as a business asset, and highlighting the challenges that they must address both now and in the future.


Novagraaf UK teams-up with Peterborough STEM Festival


Leading Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy Novagraaf UK has teamed-up with the popular Peterborough Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival in supporting the ever-advancing future of STEM.


Patent annuities: when and what to renew


When budgets are tight, IP expenditure will naturally come under scrutiny, with patent annuity payments often one of the first areas to be identified for cuts. A knee-jerk reaction to save money in the short-term can actually prove more costly in the long-run however, unless the exercise is undertaken in a structured and informed way. Novagraaf’s Eric Siecker offers some advice.


EU sets out its vision for IP post-Brexit


The European Commission has published a position paper on IP rights (including geographical indications) post-Brexit. The document, circulated to the remaining 27 EU member states ahead of a meeting on 7 September, sets out five “general principles” for negotiations with the UK.