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News about patents

New products and ideas are born every day. Technology is developing very fast in all sectors. Look at the rapid developments in the market for mobile phone devices or at the advances in the field of healthcare, for example, or the enormous investments and developments in biotechnology and the new focus on sustainability in the motor industry. Not only are these interesting developments to follow, but also they are increasingly being accompanied by a discussion about the ownership of patents in general. These are all things that concern us and which we would like to share with you. For the latest news stories, see below.

London branch of Unified Patent Court announced


The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has revealed that the London section of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be located in Aldgate Tower. The venue will be home to the London section of the Central Division and the UK Local Division of the UPC.


Are your IP contracts in order?


Contracts are part and parcel of business activity, and that’s also true for contracts relating to IP rights. Confidentiality agreements, licence agreements, merger or acquisition, sale or divestment, employee-inventor remuneration agreements… these are just some of the types of contracts that touch on a company’s IP portfolio. However, some contracts are more common than others...


Fighting fraud in the IP sector: progress at last?


IP holders are being targeted by companies masquerading as (fake) IP registries, directories and renewals organisations (see our story: Beware false registries targeting IP owners). These companies attempt to dupe IP owners into paying unnecessary or higher fees for the registration or renewal of their IP rights. However, despite the misleading nature of these practices, the authorities have..


Preparing for the Unitary Patent


The Unitary Patent took another step closer to implementation last month, following rejection of Spain’s objections to the Europe-wide patent right on 5 May. But, what does it mean for businesses operating in the UK and EU? We set out the answers to some frequently asked questions.


The Unitary Patent: What does it mean for you?


The Unitary Patent took another step closer to implementation this month, following rejection of Spain’s objections to the Europe-wide patent right on 5 May. Eric Siecker, Managing Director, Patents for Novagraaf in the UK, outlines the implications of the ruling and advises companies to start thinking now about how the new right could affect and benefit them.


Leading IP expert Eric Siecker joins Novagraaf as UK head of patents


The Novagraaf Group announced today that leading intellectual property (IP) professional Eric Siecker had joined its UK operations as Managing Director, Patents. Formerly, Corporate Counsel at the Caterpillar Inc group of companies, Siecker brings considerable experience in all aspects of IP law and practice to the Novagraaf team, with a particular focus on patents, know-how, confidential..


What do our customers say about us?


At the end of 2014, Novagraaf conducted a customer satisfaction survey from its main offices in all five European countries. Novagraaf received an average customer satisfaction score of 8.3 out of 10. A good result and an even better one than we received when we last undertook the survey in 2012. Respondents told us that they consider Novagraaf to be a reliable organisation, customer-oriented..


Time for a spring clean?


Most of us approach the Easter break with resolutions to spring clean our homes, sort out our gardens or otherwise declutter our lives, and our working lives are not much different. Busy desks and inboxes, meetings and to-do lists; it's no wonder that we often leave the 'big' projects for quieter times.


Novagraaf teams up with WISE on IP and sports


As part of a collaboration, Novagraaf will run an IP-focused workshop and seminar at Work in Sports Exhibition (WISE), which will take place in Lausanne, the Olympic capital, on 6-7 May.


First steps to exporting: IP considerations explained


Novagraaf UK’s Dr Peter Wilson sets out the IP elements to consider when developing or updating an export strategy.