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News about trademarks

Trademarks, whether they are strong, beautiful or special, play an important role in our daily lives. All brands have their own story, their own context within which they develop. Investing in the value of a trademark is an important part of a business’s strategy since the value of a trademark or trademarks to a great extent determines the profitability of the organisation and thus its value. With practical situations as a focus, this section sets out all relevant and interesting developments in the field of trademark law.

European trademarks and the question of genuine use


In some cases, national registrations may be preferable to European trademark (EUTM) registrations explains Novagraaf’s Florence Chapin.


Best practices in IP management: a strategy for China


The production and trade of counterfeit goods in and from the People’s Republic of China is the thorn in the side of many well-known brands, but it’s not only the global giants that are affected. From rip-offs of fashion and beauty products to fake spirits and medicine, nearly every business could be impacted; particularly, those that manufacture their goods in the country. What should they..


The EC’s draft Brexit agreement – what does it mean for IP?


The European Commission's Draft Withdrawal Agreement, issued at the end of February, propose that EU registered or granted IP rights be automatically granted continued protection in the UK without re-examination and without additional charge. While the document is a draft proposal; it looks unlikely that the position will vary considerably from the position outlined given the ‘transition..


Trademark event: Join us at INTA 2018 in Seattle


Meet up with our experts at booth #203 at this year's Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Seattle, Washington 19-23 May.


Jupiler, Belgium and the management of ‘fluid’ brands


AB InBev has announced plans to temporarily rebrand ‘JUPILER’ as ‘BELGIUM’ in support of the ‘Red Devils’, Belgium’s national football team, in the forthcoming 2018 World Cup. Novagraaf’s Pascaline Debois examines the trademark implications.


Trademarks and GIs: does Scotch Whisky also own ‘Glen’?


The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has encountered a setback in its attempt to bar non-Scottish distilleries from using the word ‘Glen’ in their product names. On referral from Landgericht Hamburg (Hamburg’s Regional Court), the EC Advocate General (AG) delivered an opinion in February in the context of a dispute over the Germany whisky brand name ‘Glen Buchenbach’. Novagraaf’s..


Trademarks, domain names and the rise of the dotBrand


In 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened up the domain name space, offering organisations the possibility to apply to register new types of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) including dotBrands. Several multinationals are now starting to make use of this new way to market their products and services, as the launch of sites such as:,..


Best practices in IP management: resolving common traps


Novagraaf’s Chantal Koller sets out specific traps and tips to consider when implementing a trademark management strategy.


Will ‘notorious’ Conor McGregor get knocked out in trademark fight?


Conor McGregor is the well-known UFC and MMA fighter who has recently come back into the IP spotlight following a string of disputes at the EUIPO. Over recent years, McGregor has looked to expand on his notoriety with a range of filings for rights in his name and various nicknames. Novagraaf’s Claire Jones tackles the disputes.


TWiT takes on Twitter in trademark dispute


US audio- and video-streaming company TWiT has brought a lawsuit against social media giant Twitter. The two companies had co-existed for years without issue until Twitter announced plans to launch a video-streaming service.