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ADE 2016 is a wrap!


The Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 has come to an end. The five-day event held in the Dutch capital featured 452 festivals, 396 conferences and 416 exhibitions, with 2,515 artists and 546 speakers. Novagraaf consultant Helma van de Langenberg was one of the speakers, as part of the panel Nightlife Clerks. The panel discussed the business side to creativity, including brand protection. We would like to address this in further detail here.

ADE’s ongoing success is largely due to the visiting artists’ creativity and passion for electronic music. But what about the business side to this creativity? How do you make money from DJing or producing? How do you protect your rights? Do you need an assurance? How do you keep on top of the administration? What about taxes? How do you network? How do you arrange your US work visa? These and other questions were discussed during the Nightlife Clerks panel.

The first step towards brand protection, to act against abuse of your brand (name), is trademark registration. In addition, trademark registration is necessary to license your brand (name) and thus to set up a royalty structure or when you want to exploit your brand (name) through a partnership, such as Armin van Buuren and Mentos.

There are a number of points worth noting when it comes to trademark registration. Of course, the brand (name) has to be available for the desired products or services. But you should also look at the countries or regions where you have interests and where you want to use the brand. A trademark is territorially limited, so when you have interest in the US, your brand (name) has to be registered there. A trademark registration for the Benelux is not sufficient in this case. And once your brand (name) is registered, it is also important to actively monitor it so you can take timely action when infringement or abuse occurs.

A first availability check is easily done via

Just 10% of ADE artists have registered trademark
We investigated how many of the 2,515 visiting artists at ADE have a registered trademark and discovered that only 10% have officially registered their name. In addition, these trademarks are probably not all owned by the artist, their manager or producer, but by third parties. From the top 100 DJs of the number of registrations is considerably higher, but 40% still do not have a registered trademark. We want to change that!

Are you curious about the possibilities of trademark registration and brand protection of your (artist) name? Please contact our consultant and dance lover Helma van de Langenberg or fill out the contact form.