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Novagraaf teams up with Amsterdam Dance Event


This week’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is expected to attract up to 350,000 people and Novagraaf has signed up to be the event’s exclusive Intellectual Property partner. From Wednesday 19 to Sunday, October 23, visitors will flock into the Dutch capital for a jam-packed evening program featuring 2,200 artists and 450 concerts performing in 140 venues. There will also be several daytime conferences.

Just 10% of artists have registered trademark
We investigated how many of the visiting artists have a registered trademark and discovered that only 10% have officially registered their name. In addition, these trademarks are probably not all owned by the artist, their manager or producer, but by third parties. From the top 100 DJs of the number of registrations is considerably higher, but 40% still do not have a registered trademark.

Novagraaf would like to stress the importance of trademark registration to the ADE participants. It is a relatively small investment that yields many benefits, such as:

  • Earning royalties by licensing your trademark
  • Exploiting your trademark through alliances and partnerships
  • Standing up against those who use your name without your permission

Check your name through
Artists who are interested in registering their names can check whether it has already been registered or is still available via the dedicated website

Network drinks and panel
As part of the partnership with ADE, Novagraaf will host network drinks after the Dance & Brands Conference in Hotel Arena on Thursday, October 20. In addition, our consultant Helma van de Langenberg is a panelist at the Nightlife Clerks Conference, on Saturday, October 22 at Felix Merites.

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