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It’s time to take a new look at IP management


Download the latest issue of Perspectives, Novagraaf’s journal of IP management, for commentary and insight on IP law and practice, recent case law and emerging trends. 

Without doubt, 2017 has proved a challenging one for IP professionals across all industry sectors and organisations, as changes to political and regulatory landscapes loom large over current and future business and IP strategies.

The uncertainty and insecurity surrounding the Brexit negotiations, further delays to the implementation of the Unitary Patent and Unified Court System, concerns about IP management under the new US administration, as well as ongoing pressure on budgets are having an impact on day-to-day IP management and IP practitioners’ ability to plan for the future.

But, alongside these hurdles and frustrations are opportunities too, as businesses look increasingly to merger and acquisition (M&A), and new geographies to shore up their business plans and market opportunities.

In the latest issue of our customer magazine Perspectives, Novagraaf’s IP specialists look in detail at some of the key issues facing IP professionals today. With best practice advice for managing IP due diligence as part of an M&A transaction, tips on implementing cost-cutting initiatives as part of patent annuity and patent portfolio management, and techniques on how to best capture innovation during research and development (R&D), our experts provide practical and insightful guides on navigating this new world. We also look in-depth at one of today’s most pressing topics: the impact of Brexit on future trademark and patent strategies in the EU. Join in the discussion by contacting our IP specialists at We’re always keen to hear your views.

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