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Asia’s growth offers numerous business opportunities

The Asian market is growing rapidly. China is expected to become the world’s largest economy by 2020 and India is expected to rank fourth on the global economic scale by 2025. This growth offers numerous business opportunities, both for organisations wanting to gain a foothold in Asia and for Asian organisations wanting to export to overseas markets.

Unsurprisingly, Asia is considered a key strategic growth market in various fields. This is not just because of the region’s vast population – more than half the current world population lives in Asia – but also because the area continues to develop, innovate profusely and gain more influence on a global scale.

Guidance when expanding into Asia

Given the rising importance of the Asian market, investment in the territory – for example by opening local offices – would appear to be a logical step. But, it’s important not to forget that the international playing field, in respect of Intellectual Property, is exceptionally dynamic and competitive. IP laws, rules and best practices can differ tremendously from country to country, and are subject to almost constant change, especially in the rapidly developing Asian market. In order to be distinctive and successful, therefore, it’s imperative that your company’s IP strategy has been specifically tailored to the Asian market. Here, Novagraaf can play an important role. We have an extensive and worldwide network of specialist consultants, and possess the appropriate knowledge and expertise needed to advise you on the opportunities that Asia has to offer and how best to navigate the challenges in the region.

Novagraaf helps Asian organisations in Europe too

For Asian companies that see Europe as potential market for investment and growth, Novagraaf also provides guidance and support on all Intellectual Property issues and challenges. In fact, we offer a complete package of services to help companies protect their Intellectual Property in Europe wherever they are in the world. These range from the registration and management of trademarks, for example, to the filing of a technical invention (by means of a patent) or the design of a model.

Novagraaf also takes care of domain name administration and takes prompt action where copyright infringement occurs. We function as a European partner for companies looking to operate in the EU, working alongside them to determine a business strategy in which investment in Intellectual Property produces optimum returns and IP rights can grow without hindrance.

Would you like to know more about what Novagraaf has to offer?

Would you like greater insight into our knowledge of and experience in the Asian market? Or, would like to know the right way to protect Intellectual Property in Europe? Please get in touch with one of our consultants using the contact form at the top right of this page. They will be happy to discuss Novagraaf’s services and how we may be able to help.