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Authenticateit: a unique anti-counterfeiting solution

Counterfeiting describes the process of manufacturing and offering for sale a product (or a range of products) using the brand of a third party without their authorisation. Counterfeiting affects companies in a wide variety of industries. If you have a product or a brand that is popular and in demand, then it’s likely that you are or will become a target for counterfeiters. At Novagraaf, we advise brand owners on how to develop effective anti-counterfeiting strategies and to fight the trade in fake goods.

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To complement our anti-counterfeiting services, Novagraaf has entered into an alliance agreement with Australian company Authenticateit. This company has developed a state-of-the-art brand protection platform that comes with a free smartphone app (available for download on iTunes and Google Play) to enable consumers to authenticate products at point of sale.

How can Authenticateit help brand owners

By protecting their products with Authenticateit, brand owners will be able to both provide consumers with a tool to inspect the origins and authenticity of products, and map parallel import at the same time. This makes it a very powerful tool to proactively identify and stop the sale of fake products.

The Authenticateit solution provides, in short:

  • Traceability, serialisation and authentication
  • Marketing and consumer interaction
  • Product recall possibilities

A one-of-a-kind brand protection tool

The industry-leading smartphone app helps customers to verify the authenticity of the purchased product simply by scanning the barcode. This information is fed back to the brand owner, enabling them to track the sale of legitimate, as well as fake goods.

Any negative result will trigger an alert to brand owners, providing a pinpoint to the precise location of the anomaly (via Google Maps) and enabling them to take immediate action to stop, disable or neutralise unauthorised imports or counterfeit operations at their point of sale.

In addition, the app can function as a powerful marketing tool because it enables brands to directly communicate with customers and to share relevant product information, provide after sales support, warranty activation or even initiate product recall.

Capabilities and benefits

The tool also provides brand owners important insight by:

  • Tracking and identifying counterfeits and parallel imports / transshipping / grey markets;
  • Serialising products for track, trace and authentication;
  • Compliance with directive or mandatory traceability requirements;
  • Capturing product and customer insights;
  • Stimulating interaction with consumers;
  • Offering consumers product safety and recall advice;
  • Building trust and confidence among consumers;
  • Making it clear to counterfeiters that fake products won’t be tolerated;
  • Integration with the World Customs Organization’s IPM tool.

Find out more

You can read more about Authenticateit's benefits and capabilities here. For more advice on developing an anti-counterfeiting strategy, read our frequently asked questions or get in touch using the contact form at the top right of this page.