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Brand consultancy and trademark advice - We want to help you grow your Intellectual Property

Our goal at Novagraaf is simple. We want to provide you with tangible, practical and sustainable advice that will help you to grow your Intellectual Property. Of course, our advice starts with the legal perspective, but we work to offer consultancy that goes beyond this. Our business consultants will talk to you about the impact of expanding your Intellectual Property rights on your overall organisational strategy.

This is because Novagraaf sees Intellectual Property from a broader perspective than registration alone. We recognise your specific challenges and needs, and know your market. Whether you are concerned about a product strategy, your export plans or about designing and managing your business strategy, the goal is to optimise the return on your Intellectual Property. That’s why legal advice alone is not always enough. We will also work with you to put this advice into practice, nationally and internationally.

Interim consultancy

Wherever in the world you operate, the internal and external challenges that you face will be similar. Intellectual Property must be given the attention it deserves, but busy in-house IP departments often need additional support or capacity. Novagraaf offers highly trained specialists who can provide sustained support for your organisation wherever you are based.

Outsourcing projects

Novagraaf has the capabilities and experience to organise every aspect of a major (or minor) IP project. From advising on strategic issues to actually processing large amounts of electronic and physical data, we will deploy the right expert in the right place at the right time and under the right conditions. Novagraaf has a distinctive and effective approach to organising, preparing, implementing and completing projects. We strive for clarity in every area. Priority is given to focusing on goals, approach and advice. This includes:

  • Strategic outsourcing: Assisting organisations to make and implement strategic choice(s) with respect to the sourcing of their IP department/portfolio and its actual effective implementation.
  • Operational projects: Assisting organisations in the realisation of global projects (e.g. strategies for registration, rebranding and export), so as to obtain optimal worldwide protection for the (trademark) portfolio and its actual effective implementation.

Would you like to know more about brand consultancy and trademark advice?

Would you like greater insight into our knowledge and experience in the field of trademarks, interim consulting or outsourcing of projects? Or do you have any questions about brand management or trademark valuation and brand audits? Please get in touch with one of our consultants. Based on their daily practical experience, they will be happy to talk you through the services that Novagraaf offers. You can find our contact details in the contact form at the top right of this page.