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Brand management and product strategy

Much has been written in marketing literature about brand management and product strategy. Although opinions vary quite a lot, all experts agree on one thing: organisations that structurally invest in brand protection through Intellectual Property perform demonstrably better.

Intellectual Property on the strategic agenda

Whether trademarks, patents, domain names, copyright or designs, Intellectual Property makes a unique contribution to the value of your organisation. It is important, therefore, to include Intellectual Property on your strategic agenda. Use it as a continuous and proactive tool to grow your business.

The added value of brand management

When it comes to brand management, the focus is not so much on the innovation behind the product, but on the role that the brand can play to develop market share. Look at Apple, for example, its success has been built as much by the brand name, as the technology behind its products. Essentially, the brand is a promise made to the target market, and to have a strong brand, you need to be clear on what it means, how it is perceived, what it conveys and how it is carried within the organisation. Volvo, for example, has worked to build a brand that stands for safety; Toyota for environmentally-friendly automotives. But, besides the creation of the ‘brand promise’, brand management is also about the realisation of the promise, and from a marketing perspective, the brand occupies centre stage.

For Novagraaf, however, brand management goes further than that. For us, it’s also about the (financial) value of the brand and how to protect it, for example, from criticism and damage. Consider the spill from the BP oil platform in 2010 and ask yourself: How would you handle this as an organisation? How would you avoid damage to your brand name or the abuse of your logos? The social commotion caused by this kind of situation is enormous. But, when should you take action against this? What if someone misuses your brand name or logo on a social media site? It is precisely in these situations that a brand consultant plays an important role, not only as a legal specialist, but also as a reputation manager. That is an important aspect of brand management that is often neglected in practice.

Would you like to know more about brand management?

Novagraaf advises on brand management and product strategy. Our legal knowledge and experience enables us to translate the legal framework into specific and applicable marketing solutions. Whether you are concerned about the export of your products, acquisitions, rebranding, defining a product strategy or the transfer of Intellectual Property rights, Novagraaf is your strategic partner. If you would like to know more about what Novagraaf can do for you in the field of brand management and strategy, please feel free to contact one of our consultants using the contact form at the top right of this page.