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Counterfeiting, plagiarism and piracy: a global problem

We live in a world in which counterfeiting, plagiarism and piracy are on the increase. A world in which products are unlawfully imitated, trademarks and designs are infringed, copyright is violated and music is downloaded illegally. Intellectual Property rights are infringed in more and more territories worldwide. The need for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting has therefore never been as urgent as it is now.

Counterfeit products are flooding the market

Concern about piracy and counterfeiting is growing. Research by the European Commission shows that more than 100 million counterfeit products are seized every year in the EU alone. A significant portion of the counterfeit products come from China (64%), but other countries like the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Taiwan are also creating unprecedented flows of counterfeit products. Counterfeit products are flooding the markets and also stimulate unwanted parallel imports, not only harming businesses but also consumers.

Legal possibilities for countering piracy

Due to the growth of the internet as a sales channel, international markets and sales channels are getting closer and closer. Of course, online sales provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses, but it can be worrying at the same time. While it used to be only counterfeit watches or clothes that were traded online, these days medicines, vitamins, and even aircraft parts are also being replicated.

There are now various treaties (including the EU Anti-Piracy Regulation) that offer you, as a holder of Intellectual Property, more legal opportunities for independent action against counterfeiters. One such possibility is to ask customs authorities to take action against goods that are copies of your products or products on which your brand name appears without permission.

Novagraaf’s proactive services

Approaching customs authorities to halt the movement of counterfeit goods is essential but, for the most part, it’s only a reactive solution. Novagraaf has developed a unique, proactive service, which not only involves the seizure and, if necessary, the destruction of goods, but which actively looks for the source. Whether this is local or international, we are able to detect counterfeiting and piracy all over the world and prosecute the perpetrators. A top-down approach is deployed, creating the possibility to actually address counterfeiting, plagiarism and piracy in a structured manner.

Five key steps:

To this end, Novagraaf has developed a unique programme with five crucial steps.

Step 1: Monitoring

First, we establish which forms of piracy or counterfeiting are involved, following both the physical market and the internet. Here, Novagraaf makes use of smart technology and its extensive network of agents in over 200 countries.

Step 2: Demarcation

We determine in which areas the greatest problems lie and set priorities for action with our clients.

Step 3: Strategy

If it is clear who causes the problems and where the most important challenges lie, a realistic strategy will be determined jointly.

Step 4: Action

Novagraaf’s team of experts will take appropriate action. This may be on physical markets, but also by means of so-called website takedowns.

Step 5: Evaluation

Each action will be evaluated and discussed with the client. Based on this, the strategy will be re-evaluated and new choices made.

Would you like to know more about counterfeiting, plagiarism and piracy?

The confiscation of goods and the detection and prosecution of producers is an intensive process in which time and knowledge are crucial. You may not always have that time at your disposal. Novagraaf will be pleased to help you. We will work with you to build an effective strategy, make the right choices and achieve concrete results. Please contact one of our consultants using the contact form at the top right of this page if you would like to know more about the fight against counterfeiting, plagiarism and piracy.

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