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Monitor the performance of your website

Today’s internet users expect the websites they visit to function flawlessly. Research shows that visitor numbers drop out for those that don’t. Our tool enables you to quickly check the performance of your website to ensure that it meets your and your potential customers’ expectations.

How does it work?

Novagraaf’s complimentary web monitoring tool monitors the performance of your website or selected landing pages and alerts you by email of accessibility issues; for example, website downtimes or slow loading issues, including details of the exact speed detected.

The email also provides a link to an online report that sets out, for comparison purposes, the performance of the website over the previous 12 hours. You can update your settings at any time, including adjusting the desired download speed which the tool uses to identify drops in performance.

You will receive a second email once the performance issue has been corrected and the website is again functioning properly.

In order to make use of this complimentary web monitoring tool, please fill in your details below. The URL to be monitored should comprise the full web address (including http:// and www.). You can choose to monitor the entire website or a specific web page; however, the website must belong to you or your company in order for you to use this tool.