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Domain name registration: securing a digital foothold in the market

If you’re in business, it is essential to register a domain name where your customers and potential customers can find you.

The internet is a distribution channel

Just like your trademarks or patents, a domain name falls within the field of Intellectual Property. Registering a domain name will give you your own unique location on the internet and will enable you to use the web as a distribution channel for your products and/or services.

Your domain name is worth money

Because your domain name is unique, it represents significant value for your organisation, which is why it is important to select an appropriate and effective name. But, to do that, you first need to investigate whether the desired domain name has already been taken. If it hasn’t, you can claim and register it. But, if it has already been registered that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to choose another name. If it appears that the domain name has been registered in bad faith, then there are various possibilities available to you if you wish to claim the name back from the wrongful owner.

Would you like to know more about domain name registration?

If you would like to know how to register a domain name or how to claim a name back from a wrongful owner, please get in touch. We will not only help you to register your chosen domain name, but also work with you to investigate whether the domain name is still available. We can help you to secure your digital foothold in the market. Contact us using the contact form at the top right of this page.

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