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NovaTrack: automated domain name monitoring

A domain name allows you to reach out to your customers, and to target new markets and geographies. However, with so many domain name variations available, how do you know if a third-party is using a confusingly similar URL to exploit your brand, damage your reputation or divert revenue?

NovaTrack is an automated web-monitoring tool that has been developed specifically to monitor domain names for infringement activity. It helps customers to identify look-alike sites, counterfeiting, typosquatting, brandjacking and other attempts to pass a website off as an official domain, and to collect the evidence needed to block and challenge those sites.

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A state-of-the-art domain name monitoring solution

NovaTrack is an automated web-monitoring tool, developed by Novagraaf to enable businesses to proactively monitor specified URLs for infringement or otherwise suspicious activity.

The service has been designed to complement our trusted domain name watching service, which monitors for the registration of domain names that use specified trademarks, brand and product names, and other keywords. NovaTrack builds on that service by monitoring activity on the websites themselves. This includes the following variables:

  • Does a DNS record exist?
  • Does a website exist?
  • Has the length of the homepage changed?
  • Does the site contain ‘suspicious’ words?
  • Have there been changes to the IP address?

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When significant changes to these variables have been found, customers will be alerted by email with a link tracking the full history of the domain name. The frequency and content of these emails can be tailored per domain.

Benefits for customers

Cybersquatters use confusingly similar domain names to dupe customers by hosting look-alike sites, text and images, and hijacking search traffic. One in six consumers are duped into purchasing counterfeit goods in this way.

Novagraaf’s NovaTrack domain name monitoring tool provides businesses with a simple and effective method for protecting their online brand and revenues from infringement, by proactively identifying fraudulent websites and capturing evidence to support ICANN/UDRP claims procedures. Sign up for your FREE trial today.

Find out more about Novagraaf’s domain name tools

Novagraaf has developed a series of dedicated tools to help companies to select, register and monitor domain names. This includes a domain name availability check service that features a ‘typo’ generator to quickly and easily identify the most common variations of a URL, thereby identifying potential typosquatting domain name, and an early warning system that alerts companies to the launch of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

If you would like to know more about any of our domain name tools, or for advice on domain name monitoring or NovaTrack, please get in touch using the contact form at the top right of this page.