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Ten reasons for letting Novagraaf administer your domain name

It is becoming much easier to register a domain name and to arrange its management. But, at the same time, the domain name space is also becoming more competitive, and the risk of misuse is growing. A registrar can provide excellent facilities at a reasonable price, but what do you do if someone misuses your domain name, or if someone seeks to profit from your company name or brand name? By giving your Intellectual Property – including your domain names – to a specialist to manage you will prevent unpleasant surprises.

Here are 10 common reasons why customers use Novagraaf to administer their domain names:

1. With Novagraaf, registering domain names is extremely simple

Novagraaf will take the administration and technical aspects of domain name registration off your hands. While other providers require a lot of information, but then leave the technical aspects to you to manage, Novagraaf can register your domain name and take care of the technical implementation on your behalf and with the minimum of fuss.

2. You won’t have to worry about renewing your domain name

Novagraaf will ensure that your domain name is renewed on time. Again, you do not have to deal with the paperwork that this involves. Unlike other providers, Novagraaf will do all the work for you, ensuring that your domain name does not lapse.

3. Free implementation of changes; leave the technology to Novagraaf

Whatever type of change you need to make, our specialists will perform it on your behalf. You do not have to worry about changes to, for example, MX records, A records, CNAME records, IPv6, URL forwarding, frame forwarding or spoof records.

4. For all your questions about domain names, you can turn to our helpdesk

Unlike other providers, Novagraaf has its own specialist domain name helpdesk, accessible by telephone or email, which you can turn to with all your questions about domain names. The average waiting time is less than 30 seconds.

5. You will benefit from the global expertise on all activities related to (your) domain names

Novagraaf has a proven and excellent track record in the registration and management of domain names worldwide. We can register domain names on your behalf for all the known extensions in the world.

6. An unlimited number of sub-domains and referrals free of charge

Novagraaf will provide an unlimited number of sub-domains without charge. Other providers usually charge a fee for this, and you have to perform the implementation yourself.

7. Optimum availability of your websites

While other providers often only employ two name servers for your domain and website, Novagraaf adheres to the international standard of three domain name servers on different continents. As a result, the availability of your web service is always guaranteed.

8. Free Whois availability search, as well as advice and information about domain names

If you apply for a domain name, Novagraaf will always perform, free of charge, an availability search for you. You can use the Novagraaf Whois tool for performing a quick scan yourself. You, therefore, do not need to investigate yourself whether a domain name is available. Novagraaf also provides free management information for larger numbers of domain names by means of our EasyIP digital customer portal and gives advice in the field of preventative registration, ICANN developments and case law.

9. Comprehensive expertise in disputes about domain names

Domain name piracy is becoming increasingly common. Your domain name could be hijacked by someone else. Novagraaf holds in-depth expertise for effectively dealing with domain name piracy and any resulting disputes with your domain names. We regularly successfully enforce the associated UDR/UDP proceedings. Novagraaf also offers a range of domain name watching services to ensure that your domain names are properly protected.

10. Free use of a number of useful services for domain names

If you register a domain name through Novagraaf, you can make use of a number of free services, such as:

  • Free referrals;
  • Free holding page;
  • Free generation of common variations of your domain name (typos/misspellings); and

If you would like more information, for example about availability or watching domain names, please use of the contact form at the top right of this page.