• Our patent services: support throughout the innovation and patent life cycle

Our patent services: support throughout the innovation and patent life cycle

The Novagraaf Group supports clients throughout the innovation and patent life cycle: from invention spotting and patent drafting to licensing, due diligence and sale. Our patent attorneys have a strong commercial focus and scientific and/or technical background, in addition to their expertise in national and international patent laws, enabling them to provide specialist support and advice to SMEs, large corporations, lone inventors, IP departments, universities and research institutes in a variety of industries.

This is a basic introduction to the patent services provided by the Novagraaf Group. For further information on the process of obtaining or enforcing patents, or for more detailed advice on our services, including patent drafting, prior art searching, and litigation support, contact us using the contact form at the top right of this page.

Novagraaf’s patent services: an overview

Broadly, Novagraaf’s patent services sit within the following processes or categories:

  • Patent portfolio development and strategy – from invention spotting services to advice on the best methods of protection for a new invention or technology area.
  • Patent searching, including prior art and infringement searches
  • Prosecuting applications to grant – drafting, filing and prosecution, including the incoming Unitary Patent
  • Enforcement and defence, including validity searches in case of infringement proceedings
  • Freedom to operate: clearance searching and opinions
  • Patent portfolio management – portfolio auditing and management strategies
  • Maintenance and renewals – services and technology to ensure rights are kept secure
  • Representation – oppositions, appeals and revocation proceedings, litigation support
  • Licensing and assignment – advising on, reviewing and drafting patent licences.
  • Due diligence, e.g. during an M&A, sale or portfolio takeover
  • Collaborative forms of innovation, including the management of open innovation

Novagraaf’s patent services: further information

You can find out more about Novagraaf’s patent services and the processes for obtaining, maintaining and enforcing patent rights using the links above. Alternatively, contact our customer support team, using the contact form at the top right of this page.

  • Patents defined

    What is a patent: how to protect new technology, inventions and other forms of innovation.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Patent filing

    Patent basics and when to consult a patent attorney: Key steps for inventors seeking a national patent for an invention.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • The Unitary Patent

    The Unitary Patent: a new route to European patent protection at the EPO. Click here for advice on developing a robust patent filing strategy in Europe.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Unitary Patents - FAQ

    Service suitable for :
  • Extending protection

    How to get a patent: Protecting innovation in a global market using national and regional patent offices, such as the EPO.

    Service suitable for :  Niet MKB
  • Patent searching

    Does your invention or innovation fulfil patent office requirements for novelty? Find out with Novagraaf’s prior art searching service.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Freedom to operate

    Freedom to operate (market clearance) searching and opinions for patents and the technology and innovation they protect.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Enforcement

    The patent life cycle: Advice from patent attorneys on the protection and enforcement of patent rights.

    Service suitable for : MKB Niet MKB
  • Portfolio management

    The patent life cycle: Proactive portfolio management of the patents that protect your innovation and technology.

    Service suitable for :  Niet MKB
  • Our expertise

    Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: An introduction to our patent specialisms in the Life Sciences, mechanical engineering, physics, science and technology.

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