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Our expertise: Novagraaf's patent specialisms

Patents are playing an increasing role in most science and technology sectors, and patent attorneys must be knowledgeable in their chosen fields of expertise if they are to provide tailored advice and support to their clients. Novagraaf’s attorneys specialise in a range of fields from protecting innovation within Life Sciences and biotechnology, to software patents, open innovation and ‘green’ technology.

We can help you to identify patentable technology, to search the market for conflicting innovations, and to put in place robust filing, protection and enforcement strategies. See our services overview page for further information on the patent (and related design and utility patent) services that we provide.

Novagraaf’s attorneys have a strong technical focus and scientific background in their chosen fields. You can find out more about their individual expertise by visiting our experts page where you will also be able to find a breakdown of experts by country.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Our Life Sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent team represents large companies, SMEs, universities, colleges and public research bodies across the EU and further afield. In particular, the team has considerable background in organic and inorganic chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals for use in both human and veterinary applications, cosmetics, agri-food, agri-chemistry, nutraceuticals, biotechnology, nanotechnology, biochemistry, biology, genetics, biological engineering, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, neurology, virology, microbiology, botanical science and other emerging technologies. You can see more about our attorneys' individual expertise, by clicking here. To read our introduction to the Life Sciences team, click here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Electronics and Physics

Our electronics and physics patent team focuses primarily on the physics of solids, such as non-stick coatings, semi-conductors, and physical and geometrical optics; however, it also has considerable expertise in information technology and software and computer-implemented inventions. We work for multinational corporations, SMEs, universities and public research institutes in all fields of industry, such as laser optics and optical transmission, radar imaging, internet data security, biometrics, cryptology, non-stick coatings, medium voltage transformers, mobile telephony networks and other emerging technologies. You can see more about our attorneys' individual expertise, by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Mechanical and Engineering

Novagraaf’s mechanical and engineering patent team covers a number of major science and technology areas, including energy, transport, industrial and production equipment, precision mechanical construction, paramedical equipment, processing, measurement and control systems. Our attorneys are highly qualified science and technology professionals with extensive industrial and academic experience in their fields. Their expertise ranges from mechatronics, electronics and technical coating systems to complex dynamic assemblies, motorisation techniques and embedded systems. You can see more about our attorneys' individual expertise, by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: further information

You can find out more about Novagraaf’s attorneys and our specialist services, by clicking here. Alternatively, contact our customer support team, using the contact form at the top right of this page.