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Our expertise: Novagraaf’s trademark specialisms

Trademarks play an increasingly important and prominent role within a variety of sectors. While there are similarities to be found in the strategic approach to brand creation and trademark protection across many of these sectors, it can help to instruct a trademark attorney who has insight and experience in your particular market or industry.

The sector expertise of Novagraaf’s trademark attorneys ranges from fashion, footwear and retail to beverages, electronics, automotives, pharmaceuticals and beauty products. We can help you to identify those elements of your business that should be registered as trademarks, to assess the market for conflicting trademark registrations, and to put in place robust protection, enforcement and licensing strategies. See our services overview page for further information on the trademark (and related design and domain name) services that we provide.

Novagraaf’s trademark attorneys have a strong technical background and commercial focus in their specialist fields. You can find out more about their individual expertise by visiting our experts page where you will also be able to find a breakdown by country.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Fashion, apparel and footwear

Our trademark attorneys have considerable experience in the fashion, apparel and footwear sectors. We work for high-street brands, bespoke tailors, international clothing and fabric distributors across the EU and further afield, and are the European provider for many US brands, including Tommy Hilfiger. Our attorneys provide a variety of services to these fast-moving and creative fashion and retail companies, from brand name creation and registration to trademark monitoring and enforcement, trademark licensing and due diligence and brand audits. You can read more about our attorneys' individual expertise in this sector by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Food, beverages and FMCGs

Our trademark attorneys represent some of the world’s best-known manufacturers and distributors of food, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including Orangina Schweppes and Anheuser-Busch InBev. Novagraaf has a long heritage in this sector (we manage the first ever trademark registered the UK Intellectual Property Office, which protects a well-known brand of beer) and we routinely work to assist food and beverage producers with their international trademark registration and protection strategies. You can read more about our attorneys' individual expertise in this sector by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Manufacturing, automotives and consumer electronics

Our trademark attorneys also work for a diverse range of manufacturing companies, from automotives to consumer electronics, such as kitchen appliances, and producers of prams and buggies. Often, we will provide a full IP service to such clients, involving the scientific and technological expertise of our patent and design attorneys, as well as the brand and licensing know-how of our trademark professionals. You can see more about the individual expertise of our patent and trademark attorneys by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s fields of expertise: Pharmaceuticals and beauty products

We also represent a diverse range of clients in the beauty, personal care and over-the-counter pharmaceutical sectors, including a number of high-end and global brand names. Typically, we will work with these clients to safeguard their existing and future trademark rights from dilution and infringement, uphold their rights in licensing, distribution and manufacturing agreements, and work to identify and stamp out counterfeiting activity. You can read more about our attorneys' individual expertise in this sector by clicking here.

Novagraaf’s expertise: further information

The above is just a snapshot of the types of brand names that work with Novagraaf to identify, protect and enforce their trademark rights. You can find out more about Novagraaf’s attorneys and our specialist services, by clicking here. Alternatively, contact our customer support team, using the contact form at the top right of this page.