Paul Bu

Guangtao (Paul) Bu

Chief Representative – China

Paul Bu
Office: Guangzhou, Greater China
+156 8948 1980

Guangtao (Paul) Bu is a qualified European, French and Chinese Patent Attorney and Novagraaf's Chief Representative in China. With more than 10 years of experience in patent law and practice, Guangtao held several positions in industry in both China and France before converting to IP. 

He principally serves well-known regional and global companies across the fields of emerging energies, communications, electronics, batteries, cosmetics, medical materials and equipment, shipbuilding, electric vehicles, and aviation equipment. 

He has handled several thousands of international, regional and national patent applications before IP offices around the world and conducts rights protection analysis, consultation and litigation in the European and French markets for clients from many jurisdictions.

As well as proficiency in the patent systems and practices in Europe and China, Guangtao undertook an internship at a US IP law firm.

Career history

Guangtao holds a degree in Transportation Engineering and also obtained Master degrees in Business Administration,  Business law and IP law. He also gained degrees from the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) in Patents, Trademarks and Designs.

Before joining Novagraaf, Guangtao was an attorney at a leading European law firm and then Partner and Head of the Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Department at a boutique IP law firm in Paris.

He is a senior Asian member of the EPO’s Examination Committee, a former foreign member of the French Group at the ISO’s Innovation Management Standards Committee and of a Working Group at the AFNOR’s Intellectual Property Data Standards Committee.

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