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Find out the current threats to your brand online by signing up to our free screening below. This free screening assesses your risk profile on five different online content channels – apps, domain names, online marketplaces, social media and web content – assessing your current threat level and proposing ways to take effective and proportionate remedial action.

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The free screening covers an investigation on your brand's visibility and evaluates current threats to your brand's strength and reputation.

Once you have signed up through the above form, you'll receive an overview of possible infringements or threats to your brand. The report comprises five modules, each designed to address threats to your brand in the different online content channels: apps, domain names, online marketplaces, social media and web content.

  • Apps: detects apps and app publishers that mention a brand in the app name or as part of the publisher’s name.
  • Domain names: automatically identifies unauthorised use of a brand name in newly registered domain names.
  • Marketplaces detects potential infringements on major ecommerce platforms
  • Social media: identifies potential brand infringement across all major social media platforms
  • Web content: detects potential infringements in the online content of websites indexed by major search engines, whether or not the brand appears in the domain name.

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Supported by smart technology, our Online Brand Protection services provide instant access to predefined results, enforcement workflows and tailored attorney advice.

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