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Brands in the Picture 2013

Brands in the Picture 2013 winner

The competition jury, led by professional photographer Nikki Nooteboom, assessed all the entries according to a number of strict criteria. After a shortlist had been chosen, the eventual winner of Brands in the Picture 2013 was decided: Gert Goovaerts for this photograph.

Winnaar Brands in the Picture 2013

The jury assessed all entries to the competition based on the following criteria:

  1. The visibility of the brand;
  2. The interaction between the brand and the environment in which it is pictured;
  3. The level of interest*;
  4. Photo quality (light, composition, depth of field, etc.)

*In all photography, the meaning of what you see is really important. Sometimes that meaning or the message is immediately clear; sometimes that meaning is less evident, offering viewers the opportunity to make their own interpretation. It is often that space for interpretation that makes a photo really interesting.

Comments Nikki Nooteboom about Gert’s winning entry: "The winning photo successfully meets all four criteria. The brand of the train company is clearly visible to the viewer, as is its context. But, while you can clearly make out the train, the man’s shadow offers an interesting interaction and connection between the brand and its environment. More interestingly still, it’s not exactly clear what is happening: Is the man waiting to board the train? Is he waiting for someone? Where is he anyway? As a viewer you can create your own story with this picture.

“The photo is aesthetically strong,” adds Nooteboom. “The composition is correct, with the diagonal lines giving the image depth. There is just enough visibility in the frame to give the image a story and a framework for interpretation. The use of contrast gives the picture a remarkable surface division, and the choice of black and white is particularly strong because it strengthens the graphic lines in the photo.”

Winner of the ‘public prize’

By coincidence, the winner of the public prize is also from Belgium. Jean Van den Eynde’s image received the majority of your votes; perhaps because it is incredibly symbolic of the times in which we live.

Since the start of the financial crisis in 2007, banks have lost a lot of public goodwill. Once a trusted institution, they are now held by many to be responsible for the current economic situation and, despite their efforts to suggest to the contrary, they are not accessible to everyone. The picture illustrates this point by describing two divergent worlds: a homeless person in front of a bank, a contrast between wealth and poverty, between power and powerlessness, and – for some – between guilt and innocence.