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A patent grants the owner company or organisation an exclusive right to stop others from exploiting its invention for a set amount of time in the territory for which the patent is granted. The research and development of new technologies can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Patents provide a means to obtain a return on investment and to justify the resources needed to develop future innovations.

For companies and public research bodies, therefore, patent rights are an important tool, both for protecting innovation and for determining the value of their ‘intellectual capital’.

What can be protected by a patent?

In order to obtain a patent, the invention must be deemed to be ‘patentable’, that is to say new, inventive and susceptible to industrial application. The subject matter must also be eligible for patent protection, as set out by the relevant country’s patent legislation.

Guidance and support

Novagraaf has decades of experience advising companies on how to build, maintain and protect a robust patent portfolio, whatever their industry or technological expertise. Our global reach also ensures that we have an unrivalled experience in patent procedures and formalities, no matter the jurisdiction.

Our talented intellectual property (IP) professionals are able to respond to the needs of companies and public research bodies in relation to protecting and defending IP rights at any stage of an innovation or its valuation. Every day, our specialists work on formulating IP strategies in line with a product’s total life cycle. Wherever you are in the process, we can provide guidance, from the moment of scientific discovery through to licensing your portfolio to a third party or enforcing your rights against an infringer.

In addition, we can work with you to help you anticipate technological and commercial developments in your market sector and thus maximise the value of your assets, as well as take on the challenges raised by new legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Our expertise

Novagraaf employs over 35 specialist patent professionals. All our professionals hold master degrees in their specialist areas at the very least, and many hold doctorate degrees and lecture at prestigious universities. Indeed, many are considered pioneers in their fields of expertise. Thanks to their specialist knowledge, the Novagraaf Group is able to offer a broad basis of expertise and to offer services within almost every technological field. We divide our expertise in the following areas:

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