• Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Regardless of your company or industry, it is essential that you protect your brand and your products from infringement. To do this, you need an effective national and international brand and product strategy, as well as an active brand management and patent protection strategy. At Novagraaf we believe that Intellectual Property should not only be protected and managed, but should be a vital part of your overall organisational strategy. Only then will you secure a lasting, profitable and distinctive position in the market.

The value of Intellectual Property

Investing in innovation is a key part of your business strategy. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your sales and profits are largely the result of the visibility of your Intellectual Property, and those Intellectual Property rights represent an independent commercial value within your company. Investing in your Intellectual Property gives your company a substantially higher value and ensures its future business potential.

Choosing the right strategy

The development of Intellectual Property requires a lot of time, money and resources. In addition, the international arena is incredibly dynamic and competitive, and legislation, regulations and best practices can differ considerably from country to country. In order to effectively anticipate and work around these constraints, it is vital to develop an effective Intellectual Property strategy that is tailored to your business’s exact needs. This will help you to become more successful, to perform better and to stand out against your competitors.

Would you like to know more about Novagraaf’s strategy services?

Novagraaf’s strategy consultants will be happy to assist you with your international or national strategies. You can count on our extensive experience and innovative and technological expertise, and benefit from our extensive international network. Together with you, we can create a strategy to help increase the value and effectiveness of your Intellectual Property.

  • Brand management

    Brand management and product strategy are essential for optimising the value of Intellectual Property.

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  • Consultancy and advice

    Novagraaf focuses its brand consultancy and trademark advice to help you grow your Intellectual Property.

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  • Brand audits and valuation

    A brand audit or trademark valuation is important for determining the value of an organisation’s intangible assets.

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  • Brand Identity and Marketing

    Brand identity is an important aspect of marketing; it says everything about what the product wants to be.

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  • Counterfeiting

    Intellectual Property rights are being infringed in more and more territories worldwide; Novagraaf is doing something about this.

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  • Anti-counterfeiting FAQs

    Counterfeit activity is a threat to all modern businesses, affecting their profits, their reputation and, in some cases, the safety of their consumers.

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  • Licences

    Licences are an excellent tool for bringing trademarks and/or ideas to the attention of a larger and wider national and international audience.

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  • Social media

    A clear social media strategy will help you to monitor and manage what is being said about your brand on the internet.

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  • Asia

    Novagraaf advises organisations wanting to get a foothold in Asia as well as Asian organisations wishing to build a presence in Europe.

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