• Designs - worthy of protection

Designs - worthy of protection

Designs have an important role to play in a product’s success. But, while considerable attention is often paid to the creative aspects of design, its legal protection does not receive the attention that it often deserves. This imbalance could impair your business's financial opportunities.

Legal aspects of a design

A design is not only an expression of creativity. It is also a critical aspect of a product that you want to make money from. To facilitate a healthy future for that product, it is important that its design is protected. Design is everywhere. Whether it is an innovative new coffee maker, the design of a new pram or the appearance and functionality of a new phone, the law protecting designs and models can offer a solution for the optimal protection of designs.

Industrial Designs and Models Law

In practice, the importance of protecting designs, based on Industrial Designs and model law, is often underestimated. This is a pity because a lot of time and money is invested in the development of a unique and identifiable appearance. And it is precisely with your design right that you can increase return on investment.

Optimum protection is essential

As far as the development of a product is concerned, consideration is usually first given to the registration of the technical invention (by means of a patent) or protection of the design by means of copyright. Designs and models law can, however, offer excellent opportunities for protecting the unique design of a product. This will allow you to take action against third parties who introduce very similar products on the market. As an organisation it is therefore important to take the design of your products very seriously. The same applies to designs as for all other areas of Intellectual Property: you want your products to be recognisable and distinctive in the market and want to commercially exploit your product without anyone else being able to make off with your success. At a time when counterfeiting is rife, the optimal protection of the design of products is indispensable.

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  • Definition of designs

    From a legal perspective, the protection of a product concerns the look (design) of a creation or a part thereof.

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  • Design protection

    To be successful, it is important that the design of a product is optimally protected. Designs and models law can offer a solution.

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  • Designs and models law

    To optimally protect the design of your product, it is advisable to register it as a model.

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