• Domain names: Your own virtual domain

Domain names: Your own virtual domain

A registered domain name (or names) gives your company its own location on internet, as well as the opportunity to present your company or brand name online in a manner that is unique to you.

How to manage and protect your domains

As with trademarks, designs and any other Intellectual Property rights that you hold, you naturally wish to ensure that your domain names are properly protected. That includes any variants of your (brand) name that you expect consumers to use when searching for you online.

Your domain names will be in good hands with Novagraaf. As well as strategic and focused advice, we offer a complete package of services to ensure that your domain names are effectively protected and managed.

The Novagraaf approach to domain names

Domain names are part of your company’s Intellectual Property, so it’s important to handle their management with care. Novagraaf doesn’t just assist with registration alone, we also work with our clients to help them to develop an effective management strategy by providing tailored advice on domain name availability and assistance in the purchase of domain names and their variants in all possible countries;

- Support to help you to protect your identity on internet; for example, by monitoring for any domains that look suspiciously like your company or brand names;
- The handling of all related administrative procedures; for example, when it comes to the registration or transfer of your domain names; and
- State-of-the-art technology associated with the use of domain names and websites.

Would you like to know more about Novagraaf’s domain name services?

We would be happy to tell you more about how we administer and protect domain names, as well as guidance on domain availability, registration and watching. For more information, please get in touch using the contact form at the top right of this page.

  • What is a domain name

    A domain name is the translation of a numerical IP address into a word.

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  • Internet site or online store

    Novagraaf offers a comprehensive suite of services that not only helps to give you a presence on the internet, but also enables you to thrive there.

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  • Availability of domain names

    To be sure that a domain name is available, please consult the Whois registries or have Novagraaf perform a Whois check on your behalf.

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  • DotBrand extensions

    last year, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) offered third parties the opportunity to apply to register new TLD extensions such as ’.brand’...

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  • Domain name registration

    If you’re in business, it is essential to register a domain name on which your customers and potential customers can find you.

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  • Domain watching

    What can you do if others profit from your brand by registering a domain name that incorporates your brand name or company name?

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  • Buying, selling and auctioning

    Domain names are increasingly being bought or sold, including by auction.

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  • Your domain at Novagraaf

    Ten reasons why customers use Novagraaf to manage their domain names.

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  • Website performance

    A complimentary tool that measures the performance of your website.

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  • Domain extensions

    With the so-called Early Warning System Novagraaf you simply stay aware of the interesting for you and its extensions (expiration) date for registration.

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  • NovaTrack

    NovaTrack is an automated domain name monitoring tool that monitors URLs for suspicious activity, including trademark infringement

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