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Fighting counterfeiting, imitation, piracy and the trade in fakes

Counterfeiting is a growing and increasingly dangerous global problem. It’s not simply that the trade in fakes impacts a company’s bottom line; counterfeiting, imitation and piracy also threaten the health, safety and livelihoods of consumers, as well as the economic competitiveness of the territories in which they live.

Yet, many consumers don’t realise that counterfeiting and piracy poses a threat to their safety and livelihoods. Even those that do can struggle to identify fakes and knock-off goods, so realistic is the visual copying of the counterfeits that are currently being produced.

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Fighting fakes

Counterfeiting, piracy and the trade in fakes has become so prevalent that it can be difficult for a brand owner to know where to begin in its anti-counterfeiting efforts. Changes to the routes and manner with which fraudulent goods hit the marketplace, the increased range of products being copied, and the growth in the use of the internet for selling counterfeit goods is making brand owners’ jobs even more challenging.

But, counterfeiting is not unbeatable. A brand owner’s IP rights, particularly their trademarks, designs and patents, provide the means to tackle the development of and trade in fakes. However, to enforce such rights in a cost-effective and efficient manner takes considerable planning. For example:

  • Which territories are most critical to your business?
  • Which products are most at risk of piracy?
  • Where is the source of the majority of counterfeit goods in your industry?
  • How do they enter the country?
  • Which fakes pose the most damage to your business?
  • Which products pose the greatest risk to consumers?

By answering these questions, brand owners will begin to be able to highlight the biggest areas of risk and act accordingly.

Identifying infringing use

Novagraaf has a number of specialist anti-counterfeiting services and tools that can help brand owners to identify and act against counterfeiting, piracy and the trade in fakes. For example, our trademark watching services, while our trademark infringement services provide the means to take action against those goods.

Find out more about anti-counterfeiting

You can find out more about Novagraaf’s anti-counterfeiting services here. Alternatively, contact our customer support team, using the contact form at the top right of the page.