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Event: meet us at the MARQUES Annual Conference, Alicante


Trademark experts from Novagraaf will be attending the MARQUES 30th Annual Conference in Alicante, Spain from 20-23 September. If you’re attending, why not get in touch to set up a time to catch up with one of our team?

MARQUES’ mission is to educate and promote the professional development of European brand owners by helping them to select, manage, protect and exploit their trademarks within the global economy. It does this by creating a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information.

The theme of this year’s Annual Conference is ‘BRANDS versus TRADEMARKS – TRADEMARKS versus BRANDS’. Many of the sessions will address different aspects of this question, focusing on the legal issues and challenges of brands versus trademarks. These include discussions on issues such as litigating in Europe, Geographical Indications, as well as updates on EUIPO, WIPO and European CJEU Case Law.

Our experts Alexandra Di Maggio, Gerard van Hulst and Willemijn Docter will be at the event to learn, discuss and share advice on recent changes and challenges in trademark portfolio management. If you’re attending as well, why not contact us to set up a time to meet.

You can register for the MARQUES 30th Annual Conference at: