Novagraaf and PAVIS join forces to create a new IP service provider: NovumIP

Leading IP specialists Novagraaf and PAVIS announced today the launch of NovumIP, a new IP service provider that combines the strengths of both businesses to the benefit of all clients. In a sector increasingly being narrowed by industry consolidation, the new global IP group also represents the first real comprehensive alternative for companies looking for a different breed of IP provider.

NovumIP combines Novagraaf’s more than 130 years of legal and consulting experience, and PAVIS’s expertise in high volume IP administration, to offer clients a new and more meaningful way of managing their IP. 

Investment in smart, tech-enabled solutions is a given in today’s IP sector, but NovumIP also has a vision to replace traditional IP service delivery models with a more personal and tailorable approach. The group is the first new sizeable IP service provider to emerge in an industry increasingly marked by consolidation, and has been designed to combine scale and global reach with premium customer service.

Through Novagraaf and PAVIS, the NovumIP group is able to call on a united team of 380 IP specialists, including some of the world’s foremost industry and IP process experts. That broad IP competence is backed by superior IP technology and seamless IP connectivity solutions. 

NovumIP: Smart thinking and smart technology

“We have created NovumIP to become a new force in the IP market and the global benchmark for all IP service delivery, building on the deep customer knowledge, first-rate service and rigorous attention to detail of both Novagraaf and PAVIS,” commented NovumIP Chairman Reinhard Ottway. “The NovumIP group combines and accelerates the strengths of Novagraaf and PAVIS, while providing businesses with a single go-to resource for all their IP needs. Both businesses will continue to service their clients as before, under their own names, but will now form part of an enhanced and continuously improving group.” 

“Our businesses were already united by an exceptional focus on developing a streamlined approach to IP management and service delivery for clients, as well as a shared focus on technology and innovation,” said Thomas Gruber, PAVIS CEO. “As NovumIP companies, we will be able to combine that knowledge and technology within our consultancy and support services to help clients to manage their IP in smarter and more effective ways.”

“NovumIP may be a new entrant to the IP market, but it is backed by two companies with a long-standing global presence and unrivalled reputation in the sector,” added Novagraaf CEO Lutgarde Liezenberg. “The result is a comprehensive new provider of smart IP solutions that seamlessly connect clients and their systems with the best IP experts and the right IP technology.“

The companies are both well established across six European countries, as well as in China, Japan and the US, offering unrivalled access to IP law and process expertise. Both companies are backed by the same investor, Paragon Partners. 


About NovumIP

NovumIP is an integrated, global IP provider that combines the excellence of business-focused consulting and the efficiency of tech-enabled services. Our smarter thinking and smarter technology helps clients to achieve their strategic goals, by informing critical decisions that increase and protect IP value. Building upon the deep customer knowledge, first-rate service and rigorous attention to detail of both Novagraaf and PAVIS, NovumIP is the new global benchmark in the IP market. Find out more at

About Novagraaf

For more than 130 years, Novagraaf has been helping iconic brands and innovative organisations around the world drive competitive advantage. One of Europe’s leading IP consulting groups, Novagraaf specialises in the protection and global management of IP rights, including trademarks, patents, designs, domain names and copyright. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Novagraaf has 17 offices worldwide. We are unique in our ability to provide clients with tailored legal expertise, efficiency-gaining administrative services and proactive commercial insights. Together we take IP further. Find out more.


PAVIS is a leading provider of IP management services worldwide. For more than 39 years, PAVIS has been a valuable partner for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments with large IP portfolios. Innovative technical solutions, well-established procedures and a high degree of automation have made PAVIS into one of the most efficient and reliable IP management service providers. PAVIS has a focus on patent annuity payments, EP validations and trademark renewal, and also handles recordals of changes to patents, trademarks and designs.

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