Introducing our EP Validations Portal

Novagraaf's European Patent validation services combine the efficiency and administrative benefits of an IP service provider with the oversight and legal advice of an experienced patent attorney firm, while our EP Validations Portal enables users to keep full control of the process.

The management of EP validations requires expertise in both European patent law and associated formalities, including translations. Novagraaf’s EP validation services give customers peace of mind that their patent portfolios are being safely and cost-effectively maintained, while our new EP Validations Portal provides customers of Novagraaf with a single access point for all EP data.

Streamlining the management of EP validations

The process from European Patent (EP) filing to EP validation usually takes between three to five years and follows a clearly defined process. Our new EP Validations Portal enables clients to keep on top of every stage of this complex procedure – from the generation of the initial quote to the management of ongoing cases and real-time access to EPO and national patent office records.

Key benefits and capabilities

The easy-to-use web-based portal provides a single access point for all EP data:

  • Directly create validation quotes, place orders and monitor ongoing cases.
  • Retain full control and oversight, including ability to download validation reports, receipts, translations and invoices.
  • Search by current status (waiting for instruction/ in progress/ completed) or case reference, and pre-set ‘preferred country’ lists for all orders.
  • Access bibliographic data in real time, including the records held by the EPO and local country patent offices.
  • Receive automatic updates and alerts  following communications from the EPO regarding intention to grant, plus reminders to ensure no deadlines are missed.
  • Via a direct interface to our annuity and patent portals, we also provide a complete view of the complete patent portfolio, including past/future annuity decisions and deadlines.

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EP validations

Novagraaf offers a complete EP validation process in all signatory and extension/validation countries, helping companies and law firms to manage the administrative tasks involved in meeting validation deadline and translation requirements.

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