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A Europe-wide presence is necessary to validate European patents in all the countries that are signatory to the European Patent Convention (EPC). Novagraaf offers a complete EP validation process in all signatory and extension/validation countries, helping companies and law firms to manage the administrative tasks involved in meeting validation deadline and translation requirements, while our EP Validations Portal enables users to keep full control of the process.

The EP system provides companies with an important structure for protecting and exploiting inventions in Europe. In order to help them to maximise the benefits of the system, while minimising cost and administrative hurdles, Novagraaf offers a number of tailored EP validation and portfolio management services, including management of EPO communications under Rule 71(3).

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To receive a cost estimate, simply provide the EP number and specify the countries in which to validate the patent. All cost estimates will be valid for 30 days.

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What is European Patent validation?

Unlike the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM), which protects trademarks across the European Union on registration, a European Patent (EP) does not automatically deliver Europe-wide protection on grant. Instead, a EP will be filed first before the European Patent Office (EPO). Once granted, it will be validated in one or more of the signatory member states of the European Patent Convention (download our flyer for the full list), and in the extension/validation countries via the EP validation process.

Core requirements: language translation

The process is subject to a number of important requirements and deadlines. In particular, companies seeking to validate their EP rights need to do so within three months of first grant and, depending on the country in question, adhere to certain translation requirements:

  • Group 1 – no translation requirements
    Signatory countries that share an official language with the European Patent Office (English, French or German) no longer require the EP to be translated into their national language. This applies to: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland/Liechtenstein and the UK.
  • Group 2 – claim translation only
    All other signatory countries require the claims to be translated into their national languages as part of the validation process. Some of these countries also require a description in English.
  • Group 3 – full translation required
    Non-signatory countries continue to require a full translation of the patent into their national language.

How we can help

Novagraaf’s Europe-wide presence enables us to provide dedicated support to customers seeking to protect and enforce their IP rights in the region. We offer a complete EP validation process in all 44 signatory countries, and also help our customers to manage the administrative tasks involved in meeting validation deadline and translation requirements. Our services include:

  • Formalities management
    Our experts take care of the validation requirements in every country you choose to designate. This includes liaising directly with the relevant national patent office on your behalf (via our network of local agents, where necessary). In addition, we offer a bulk processing service for the full EP validation process, so that you receive one detailed report for each patent asset and a single invoice.
  • Translation management
    Companies seeking to validate their patents in countries requiring claim or full translation need access to specialised translators with the deep industry and scientific knowledge necessary to provide patent translations in their technical field. Our translation service will match you to the right translator for your industry sector and specific needs. To make certain that it is translated to the highest quality, our team of in-house patent experts will provide a second check, ensuring that it is faithful to the original text, and requirements of the designated countries

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