Online monitoring

Our online monitoring services comprise six modules, each designed to address threats to your brand in the different online content channels.

Modules Online Brand ProtectionApp Monitoring

While apps can help brands to increase and improve interactions with their consumer bases, and gather market intelligence, it is another area of potential brand abuse. Novagraaf’s app monitoring module detects apps and app publishers that mention a brand in the app name or as part of the publisher’s name, providing brands with the insight they need to evaluate and take action.

Domain Name Monitoring

Our domain name monitoring service automatically identifies unauthorised use of a brand name in newly registered domain names. Having identified and assessed risk, we work with businesses to determine appropriate courses of action or proactively take action as pre-agreed on their behalf, from simple surveillance of the potential threat to takedown actions and UDRPs.

Marketplace Monitoring

Our targeted marketplace module detects potential infringements on major ecommerce platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress,, Taobao and IndiaMART, with a focus on China. The module’s initial screening provides valuable insights on how branded goods and services are being sold in the ecommerce market and focuses further on the detection and removal of threats identified in this initial screening.

Paid Ads Monitoring

Novagraaf monitors ads appearing when searching for given keywords, such as your brand name, as seen from relevant countries around the world. The ads are collected and periodically reviewed by our brand protection experts. Infringing ads are reported to the relevant search engine and a rule-based automated take-down is set up to remove any repeatedly infringing ads instantly.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is an increasingly popular channel for counterfeiting and other forms of infringement. Our dedicated monitoring and enforcement module detects potential brand infringement across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WeChat (China), Weibo (China) and VKontakte (Russia), and is designed to identify infringements on several levels, including account name and public feed.

Web Content Monitoring

Our web content monitoring module detects potential infringements in the online content of websites indexed by major search engines, whether or not the brand appears in the domain name. This includes identifying threats to a brand on websites appearing in major search engine results, in links, page content, images (using image recognition technologies) and metatags.