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Stéphane Roux

Patent Attorney

Stéphane Roux | Novagraaf
Genève office
+41 (0)22 979 09 69

A European Patent Attorney, Stéphane Roux specialises, in particular, in patent matters relating to medical devices, chemistry and materials. He focuses predominantly on novelty searches, patentability analysis, patent drafting and handles all matters associated with patent granting and opposition procedures.


Stéphane obtained a Doctorate of Science from the University of Paris XI in 2008, following his work on peptide nanotubes at the French Atomic Energy Commission. He has completed the Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI) postgraduate examination (‘Patents’ and ‘Trademarks, Designs and Models’) and is also a European Patent Attorney.

After previously working as an Innovation Finance Consultant, Stéphane spent five years in-house as a Patent Attorney at Becton Dickinson, a key player in the healthcare field and a global leader in injection devices, prior to joining Novagraaf.


  • Frans
  • Engels


  • Patents and Models: Pharma, medical devices, chemistry and chemical engineering, materials, coatings and video games.


  • Chemie
  • Materiaalkunde

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