NovumIP Platform Solutions

NovumIP Platform Solutions is a smart technology solution that allows IP departments to harness the power of their patent data. The software solution was developed in response to the needs of a number of major IP owners, which were not satisfied with the capabilities of the IP management solutions currently available in the market.

The solution has been specifically designed for everyone from IP administrators through to patent professionals.

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Software to harness the power of your patent data

For innovative companies and IP professionals, the ability to gather, organise, analyse and communicate patent data in a meaningful way can mean competitive advantage, speed-to-market, more accurate budgeting, protection of your R&D efforts, and a means to demonstrate the impact IP makes to the bottom-line.

Mobile accessTo achieve this means to aggregate, organise, and present IP information that allows informed decision-making that will increase innovation and revenues. NovumIP Platform Solutions is a SaaS solution that integrates with any third-party software to facilitate informed and productive IP decisions. In conjunction with other enterprise systems or as a stand-alone solution, NovumIP Platform Solutions is a state of the art hub and reporting tool for all systems within your IP department’s ecosystem. NovumIP Platform Solutions puts the power of data in your hands by seamlessly creating custom reporting, benchmarking and other data-driven deliverables.

A gateway to valuable insights, inventors, agents, cases, documents, contracts, products, revenue, invoices, costs, claim charts, declarations and standards and all associated correspondence, can all be accessed via one portal, providing a complete view into your patent portfolio.

Core features

Standard features of the system include:  

  • Search: State-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) searching 
  • Reporting and dashboards: Powerful and customisable presentation of information, stored in disparate systems, for full visibility into activities, personnel, and cases 
  • Mobile access: Allows external and internal stakeholders to work anytime and anywhere 
  • Public data link generation: Automatically generate links to original published documents via PatBase, Espacenet and Google Patents 
  • Audit and security: Full audit trail of all actions and world-class security to ensure your data is always protected. 

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NovumIP Platform Solutions provides much sought-after efficiency enhancements in areas such as invention submission and invention management, IP reporting and contract management...

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