7 steps to creating a strong brand

A strong brand won't only help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. The right brand can also strengthen your position, boost your reputation and even embody a specific lifestyle choice.

Registering your chosen name as a trademark helps safeguard brand value by providing a mechanism to act against third parties seeking to profit from your name and hard work. But, choosing and protecting a 'strong' brand name isn't always as easy as it may appear! In our latest factsheet, we share seven key steps to success.

Download the factsheet now to discover how to:

  • 1. Choose a distinctive trademark
  • 2. Select the right territories and classes
  • 3. Conduct a trademark availability search
  • 4. Protect other distinguishing branding, such as logos, shapes, packaging and slogans
  • 5. Monitor your trademark rights
  • 6. Take action when you need to
  • 7. Maintain your brand assets

All this and more is available in the download below. 

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