Patent recordals

Updating patent records as a result of IP changes, transfers or transactions can be a time-consuming and costly process, particularly for owners of global IP portfolios. Novagraaf's patent recordals service takes the pressure off in-house teams, while ensuring efficient management of essential deadlines and formalities.

Patent RecordalsIt is important for the IP rights holder or licensee to keep registered IP rights up-to-date following changes to their ownership or management. Whether the IP right affected is a patent, utility certificate, trademark or design, it is not only advisable to update the record at the relevant IP office; in some instances, it is also legally required.

Failure to keep IP rights updated could affect the enforceability of those rights against third parties. Incomplete, incorrect or missing registrations can also have damaging consequences for right holders, for example, when relied on in license negotiations, legal proceedings or as part of merger or acquisition (M&A) activities.

While all IP professionals understand the importance of proactive IP record management, the reality of daily workloads, as well as time, resource and budget restrictions, mean that such crucial administrative tasks can be difficult to manage in-house. Specialist knowledge and timely action is also necessary to manage the complex mix of technical and legal formalities required by the different national legislations and systems.

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Reducing the burden

Novagraaf has developed an efficient and cost-effective recordal procedure to help IP owners to update their IP rights at relevant IP offices promptly and securely, ensuring they remain valid and enforceable against third parties.

Throughout the recordal process, you will be supported by a specialist consultant who will oversee our highly qualified team, experienced in local laws and regulations, to ensure the success of your recordal project.

In addition to managing the deadlines, documents and legalisation procedures that are legally required in each territory, our team can also advise you in advance on the strategic approach for your project, including the implications for IP records and agreements, and the costs to be expected. Our proven methodology covers the following key steps:

  • 1. Data transfer and audit: Portfolio inventory, data verification and analysis of the contracts concerned;
  • 2. Budgeting: For full transparency, a detailed estimate is provided in advance, with volume-related discounts;
  • 3. Preparation of formalities: Simplified deeds, powers of attorney and all necessary documents are prepared and supplied in batches in order to reduce internal time demands;
  • 4. Recordals: Applications for recordals are submitted promptly by our local offices or by our established network of foreign agents;
  • 5. Confirmation: Official documents are checked and forwarded for safe-keeping.

Novagraaf has been managing IP recordals worldwide for more than 130 years on behalf of IP right holders in the private and public sectors, including multinationals, SMEs and start-ups, world-renowned universities and research institutes, and technology transfer companies. Through our presence in China, Japan and the US, we also manage such projects on behalf of some of the world's leading IP applicants. Why not contact us today to find out more about our services or to request a quote?

For full details of our service and methodology, download the PDF overview below, or get in touch to request a detailed quote.

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