Trademark & Domain Name IP Support Services

As the leading filer of international rights at WIPO and with more than 750,000 trademark assets under management, Novagraaf is trusted to maintain and protect many of the world’s most notable brand owners.

Novagraaf’s longevity serving the IP community is a testament to our stability, value and continuity of service we bring to our more than 12,000 clients.  

What we do

Customised Trademark Portfolio Management

Improve budgeting and forecasting, reduce costs, free-up valuable in-house time and achieve portfolio oversight with Customised Trademark Portfolio Management by Novagraaf. 

Trademark searching

Often the first step in the registration process, Novagraaf’s trademark search examines all relevant trademark registers to identify identical and similar trademarks to your chosen mark. Because we provide both legal and IP services capabilities, results can be accompanied by legal opinion and advice. Our depth of experience enables us to highlight potential conflicts that may not otherwise be considered.

Trademark watching

Trademark registration is just the first step in safeguarding your brand, company or product name. To ensure that your valuable marks continue to be protected, ongoing monitoring for unauthorised and potentially damaging use is essential. Our experts examine all relevant trademark registers to identify identical and similar trademarks to your chosen mark and when needed, provide you with guidance on how to proceed.  

Trademark renewals

Novagraaf’s trademark renewals services give customers assurance that their trademark portfolios are safely and cost-effectively maintained. As a leader in IP acquisition, management and enforcement, we help you protect and secure your trademark assets around the world. We offer a range of trademark renewals services, so that you can choose the frequency and level of support that best meets your needs. Find out more about our trademark renewal management services. 

Domain name renewals

Novagraaf will ensure that your domain name is renewed efficiently and on time. During the process you do not have to worry about handling the administration and paperwork. Unlike other providers, Novagraaf will do all the work for you, ensuring that your domain name remains in force.

Data cleansing

To be valid and enforceable, trademark records also need to be maintained and updated as a business evolves. Novagraaf is an industry leader at detecting, and correcting or removing corrupt or inaccurate data from all relevant record sets.

Trademark recordals

Novagraaf can alleviate the burdensome task of collecting the relevant documentation and processing of updates to a chain of title. Through our global agent network, we offer highly competitive fixed fee rates giving you predictability and transparency.  A dedicated IP attorney with knowledge of local laws and regulations will oversee the successful completion of your project.

Anti-counterfeiting & anti-piracy

Counterfeiting and piracy is ubiquitous and those engaged in these illegal activities have become ever more sophisticated. Novagraaf offers a complete brand protection approach providing our clients with anti-counterfeiting and piracy monitoring, reporting and enforcement at the borders and across the internet and social media. Find out more about our Brand protection & anti-counterfeiting, and Customs monitoring & management services. 

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