Patent Strategy

Patents are not just static rights, but key strategic drivers for many companies. As such, it is essential to have in place a patent strategy that aligns with your organisational and commercial objectives.

Smart patent portfolio strategy development takes into consideration legal, administrative and commercial ramifications, and should start with a portfolio review to assess:

  • Key market drivers such as competitors and opportunities in local and other markets;
  • Opportunities for licensing, divestiture or acquisition;
  • Filing strategies in key markets and regulatory issues that support or impede objectives;
  • Possible infringement that would impact short- and long-term goals; and
  • Overall portfolio management to identify cost savings, staffing needs and to ensure rights are in force and annuity fees are paid on time.

What we do

Strategy development

We work with clients to review and analyse their organisations’ short and long-term objectives, including revenue and budget targets, staffing requirements and current and potential new markets. Following this in-depth assessment, Novagraaf will deliver a detailed report and plan providing legal, administrative and commercial recommendations to ensure alignment with and achievement of your business goals.

Innovation capture

It is essential to have a documented methodology and mechanism in place to identify, extract and analyse inventions. Working with your R&D teams, inventors and other key stakeholders, Novagraaf will support your innovation capture process through activities such as evaluating the patentability of solutions, documenting technical and legal issues and analysing the potential reach of the identified innovation.

Portfolio audit & benchmarking

Novagraaf’s portfolio audit analyses the rights in your portfolio, assesses the strength of those rights and usefulness to the business, and establishes benchmarks for measurement. We can also help you to answer key questions such as: Are my core patents fully protected? Have the rights been correctly maintained? Am I making smart cost savings renewal decisions or renewing patents no longer used or needed?

Valuation & monetisation

The assessment of patent value is crucial for the sale or monetisation of those rights. Novagraaf’s valuation methodology enables companies to estimate the value of a patent, patent cluster or a patent portfolio for royalty, transfer or balance sheet purposes. Our industry expertise covers areas such as biotech, pharma, beverages, automotive and technology.

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