UAE to join international trademark registration system

By Frouke Hekker,

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will join the Madrid System in December 2021, becoming the 109th member state of the international trademark registration system.

The UAE has deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid System for international trademark registrations, following the accession of Canada, Brazil and Malaysia, in 2019, and of Trinidad and Tobago and Pakistan, in 2021.  

This means that trademark applicants can designate the UAE in an international trademark registration (IR) as of 28 December 2021.

The international system for trademark registration (also known as the Madrid System) makes it possible to request trademark protection in one or more member states of the Madrid System by filing one application via WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland. The ability to designate such a large number of countries and regions in an international trademark registration makes it an increasingly appealing option for businesses. For an analysis of the pros and cons of the Madrid System, read our article 'International trademarks: Is the Madrid System right for you?'.

The UAE will be the 109th member state of the Madrid System. Following its accession, the Madrid System will cover 125 countries in total, including the EU member states and the three countries of the Benelux. 

When the outlet of your business focuses on several countries or when it is about to enter new markets, it is important to determine whether your interests are sufficiently protected in those countries and regions. For advice on international registrations and further information on IP protection in the United Emirates/the Arabian Peninsula, please contact your Novagraaf attorney.

Frouke Hekker is Manager of the Novagraaf Academy and head of our Knowledge Management department. She is based in Amsterdam.

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