Mind the gap: How to integrate IP into brand development

Door Novagraaf Team,
IP and brand development best practices white paper

Intellectual property (IP) provides the legal foundation for businesses to create, launch, market and enforce their brand names. Yet IP professionals are often not consulted until very late in the brand development life cycle. By integrating IP much earlier into your brand development workflow, you can secure valuable brand assets, prepare for effective market launch, and overcome common legal and commercial pitfalls. Discover how to integrate IP into brand development effectively by downloading our latest white paper.

Although the brand development process involves much more than IP, IP rights provide an invaluable mechanism to secure protection for brand messaging, assets and equity. In our latest white paper, we discuss the interplay between IP strategy and brand development from a commercial perspective at key steps throughout the brand development process and brand life cycle, from the initial creation of the business, product or founding brand to product and market expansion, brand refresh and brand discontinuation. 

'Mind the gap: How to integrate IP into brand development' covers the following key topics:

  • The five main risks in brand development and how to overcome them;
  • What legal teams do and when to involve them;
  • How to create a corporate IP policy to capture and safeguard valuable brand assets;
  • The importance of documenting your brand development decisions; and
  • Five key ways to take action today.

Whether you are creating, expanding or refreshing your brand portfolio, download the white paper now to discover how to integrate IP into your brand development process today.

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