Stratégie Dessins & Modèles

Novagraaf offre un accompagnement dès la définition de vos prototypes afin d’adapter la stratégie d’enregistrements à votre secteur industriel ainsi que vos territoires de production et commercialisation.

What we do

DesignStrategy development

For certain products, design rights can provide a simple and cost-effective means to protect and enforce an innovative shape, appearance or ornamentation. There are also many legal, regional and long-term factors to consider. Novagraaf’s attorneys will help you navigate these important decisions and assess the legal, administrative and commercial implications to put the right strategic approach in place.

Portfolio audit & benchmarking

Regular portfolio audits are critical for determining and upholding the value of an organisation’s design rights. Novagraaf’s comprehensive audit methodology gives customers peace of mind that their IP assets are safely maintained, reviewing records and data for accuracy, and identifying potentially damaging gaps in protection. Our benchmarking services compare your portfolio and spending to that of your competitors, helping you to develop a more complete picture of your IP management practices, activities and resources in comparison to the industry at large.

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