NovumIP Platform Solutions

Une solution technologique intelligente qui permet aux départements de PI d’exploiter tout le potentiel de leurs données de brevets.  

NovumIP Platform Solutions puts the power of data in the hands of patent owners and managers with the ability to create custom reporting, benchmarking and other data-driven deliverables, giving IP departments the ability to measure their performance and become efficient profit centres.

Novagraaf acquired NovumIP Platform Solutions in January 2018 (find out why). 

NovumIP Platform Solutions is a smart technology solution that enables IP departments to harness the power of their IP data through a set of robust modules and features. It has been designed for IP rights holders that are:

  • Struggling to make sense of many disparate internal systems;
  • Looking to improve collaboration between R&D, IP and business development;
  • Striving to promote IP as a business critical revenue generator; and/or
  • Trying to improve IP department efficiency, communication and processes.

Tailored to your business

NovumIP Platform Solutions is a modular system, enabling IP owners to select the modules that are relevant to their business and IP goals. The following modules come as standard:

  • Comprehensive OCR searching;
  • Customisable reporting and dashboards;
  • Mobile access (via the NovumIP Platform Solutions App);
  • Public data integration (PatBase, Espacenet and Google Patents); and
  • Audit trail and security.

Elective modules include:

  • Inventor portal
  • Invention management
  • Royalty award management
  • Business intelligence
  • IP rights management
  • Correspondence management
  • Document management
  • Invoice management
  • Agent access

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