IP trends in the wine, beer and spirits sectors: A practical guide

Pressure on hospitality and a spike in counterfeits are just some of the pressures facing the drinks industry. Drinks companies have diversified their products and ranges, and implemented new strategies in response. But, what do these factors mean for brands' IP strategies moving forward? 

In our practical guide, we provide tips on how drinks brands can manage their IP effectively and minimise risk in response to current trends, including action points covering:

  • The impact of Brexit on trademark protection for spirits, wine and beer brands, including the new UK scheme for geographical indications;
  • What current trends, such as no and low-alcohol and ready-to-drink beverages, mean for trademark protection, co-existence and watching strategies;
  • How to tackle the surge in counterfeiting in the COVID-19 era.

Download the factsheet on IP trends in the drinks sector below.

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